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In love but feeling in a competition with porn

Q: Hi, I realize there is a ton of questions like this but I still feel I need some help. 2 years ago I broke up with a high school boyfriend of 11 years. It was my choice, overtime we grew apart and I cared for him but was no longer physically attracted to him, which...

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Confused….does a he prefer to live alone?

Q: I really need a man advice… you are the last honest I am. My name is Ad******, I am 49 and I have a relation with a man for about one and a half year. We are both singles,he is divorced ten years ago. In the early stage of our relation he explain...

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What does it mean when a guy calls you beautiful

Has a guy you liked ever called you beautiful and you wonder what exactly does that mean? I’m going to admit one thing, guys can be hard to understand when it comes to knowing what exactly they’re feeling inside. You must first understand that most guys are not...

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Valentines Epic Fail – Relationship Advice

Q: I’ve been in what I thought was a great relationship for years. We are both older, raising three teenagers , and financially secure . For valentines day I planned a get a getaway ( close by ) with lodging , spa and dinner . I told my committed several weeks in...

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High School Hook-Up – Does he like me?

Q: There is this boy who i hooked up with a few times. I was with him the other day and we hooked up and I gave him a hickey. People know it was me but he told people that he thinks I’m ugly. But why would he say that if he hooked up with me many times before and...

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Lost, Confused but Willing to Love

Q: Hi! I came across your site as I was looking for a bit of clarity in my own “relationship” with a guy friend of mine. He’s 29(almost 30 in two months,) I’m 28. We met on a dating site over a year ago and we became fast friends, Talking almost every day and staying...

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Why do I always date A-holes?

I've dated some real Aholes in my time and have never gotten any regret or apology. And they just keep doing the same thing. Eg one guy turned up drunk to a second date with his best mate. Then asked ME to take them home. I was alone and didn't have central locking at...

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Maybe this is a silly relationship advice question

Q: This may be a silly question but after reading your response to " how long should I wait" I felt more compelled to ask it.. My sexual history is somewhat colorful... I made a lot of very poor choices very early on, my very first boyfriend I only made wait a month,...

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Being stood up by a man is not always disrespectful!

Q: Hi, I'm a 52 years old woman and would like to know if you confirmed plans the day before to meet but were stood up by a no show/ no call is this being disrespectful to the other person? A: Nine times out of ten when a man doesn't show up to your date even after...

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