Do you ever wonder what your boyfriend or husband is really thinking? Perhaps you like a guy and are not sure if he really likes you or what his real intentions are with you? Do you wish you had a guy friend who could give you true advice about your relationship and not have to worry about the fact that he has a secret crush on you? Or maybe your man has a hard time opening up and saying how he truly feels and instead sends out weird signals that are hard to decipher? Well, wonder no more, The Last Honest Guy is here to serve as a portal to the true thoughts of a guy and give the perspective of a guy’s point of view to your relationship, marriage or potential boyfriend.

Who is: The Last Honest Guy?

The Last Honest Guy is simply an average guy who plain and simple tells the honest truth about how most guys are and what they really think. He has spent over 15 years analyzing and doing field research on human behavior and interaction and specializes in giving thousands of women true advice on their relationships. He does not sugar coat the true feelings of most guys and definitely does not hesitate to tell it how it is. Since most guys usually have other intentions with most women they call “friends” they often never truthfully answer the questions they’re asked and generally answer what they think you want to hear. Think of The Last Honest Guy as a true friend that will always tell you the truth from a guy’s perspective even if his answer might not always be what you are looking for. Beware when you ask a question because the real truth sometimes hurts.

What to expect

The Last Honest Guy will always give out his true opinion on a given situation from a guy’s point of view. He will also give you advice from a non-biased standpoint. You can be confident that you are getting a true answer from a real guy who does not know you and therefore has no other interests than to tell you the truth and help you. Since The Last Honest Guy is a real guy he will not try to pick “pretty words” or “soften” what he has to say to you. He will say it the same way most guys would say things when they talk among their buddies. At times he will refer to some women (not all women) as bitches, so do not get offended when this happens, and only get offended if you are a bitch (most women are not). To further explain this term, most guys refer to women as “bitches” but use this term in the same context they would use the word “dude” when referring to another guy. So please know that unless YOU consider yourself a bitch, then it wasn’t intended for you.

Our Goal

The Last Honest Guy simply wants to provide you with a reliable source of the thoughts and the mysteries that goes on inside a guy’s head. He’s here to provide you with the best Dating and Relationship Advice from a guy’s perspective for free. Women often have a hard time understanding guys because the truth is that we are completely different than women and we think differently. The main goal is to help women understand guys better so that ultimately relationships can improve and last longer. Let’s face it, guys are usually the one that screws up, mess around or simply can not express their feelings the right way, and women are the ones that usually end up getting hurt. So think about it, if you are able to understand a guy better then you can have a better chance to know what to expect from a guy and maybe avoid putting yourself in a situation where you will get hurt.

We welcome your questions

The Last Honest Guy always welcomes any questions you might have and will try to answer them and give you the best advice possible. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. In fact, only good things came possibly come out of it. Having multiple opinions regarding a specific situation can often be the best way to go. The more different opinions you get from a broad range of sources can often help you in making your own conclusions about a situation and ultimately making a well-informed decision. Never depend on only one source; it’s just not the smart thing to do. Ask your first question here.

Things to remember when asking The Last Honest Guy:


Age: This is valuable because as you know men mature at different stages of life and for that reason, their actions have a different meaning at those different stages.

Gender: We welcome both guys and girls to write in. So it’s important to know if you are a guy or a girl.

Cultural Background: Your race or cultural background of both, you and the opposite sex are very important because different cultures have different outlooks in life that influence heavily on the decisions a guy makes.

Details: Include as many details in regards to your question as possible, because the more information you provide the more accurate answer you will get.

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