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Should I just move on?

Q: Hi, so there’s this guy that messages me and initiates most of our conversations. He is really nice to me, respectful, and a sweetheart. I’m just not sure if he wants to date or I’m not sure? I ask him to go out and have lunch and he’s always busy. I flirt with him...

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Is it time to move on or am I overreacting?

Q: My boyfriend of 2.5 years is 38 years old. I met him on eharmony. When we met, I liked him but wasn't 100% sure about him. He had some undesirable traits in a mate. He was divorced and the nature and reasoning he gave me for the divorce didn't seem that terrible....

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I am not sure if he likes me

Q: Hello, I recently met a guy about month ago through a mutual friend's birthday party.  I was instantly attracted to him.  That night we danced a lot but we didn't get to talk much.  About 2 weeks later we all went out again in a group to a bar.  When he got there...

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Do you think he has feelings for me?

Q: Hi there! I met this guy 6months ago while I'm applying for a job. It was really unexpected that he and I will become friends and eventually even close to being in a relationship. My question is, how do I know for sure that he feels the same way? He is 37 and I...

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Husband’s family ruined our family and marriage

Q: Long story short: My husband and I are both 31 and have a 4-year-old daughter. I love her more than anything, but we had her early on in our relationship. I went back to study when I was pregnant with her and we've struggled financially. Had to live with my...

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Long Distance Relationship Dilema

Q: After dating my BF (who is a year older than I) for about 3 years, I took a job 350 miles away.  As a bit of background, I was married for about 11 years and left my ex-husband in a very messy divorce. My BF and I had ups and downs when I first left but decided to...

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Is the guy you like too shy? Do this…

Q: So, this guy in my grade, Josh, used to be my best friend in elementary school. Like best friends. When high school hit, we kind of faded apart. We’ve always had this vibe (a good one) through high school. Even though he has a girlfriend, he always gives me...

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