Hello, I recently met a guy about month ago through a mutual friend’s birthday party.  I was instantly attracted to him.  That night we danced a lot but we didn’t get to talk much.  About 2 weeks later we all went out again in a group to a bar.  When he got there he came straight to me and started talking to me and invited to another party.  I went to the bathroom, I guess he didn’t see me so when I came back he asked where I went which I thought was weird.  So we went to the party we danced some but then ended up dancing with other people.  Still didn’t get much chance to talk.  Then over the weekend, we all had another gathering at my house but I didn’t get to talk to him much either because there were so many other people around.  I sent him a friend request on facebook which he accepted right away.  The next day after my get together I sent him a message on facebook thanking him for coming.  He said no problem and hope to do it again soon and added a smiley face.  I feel like he might like me but not sure.  We’ve only seen each other 3 times I’m not sure when I will see him again, i sent him some texts about these quotes about love for him but we did not reacted much.  What should I do?  Do you think he likes me?  My friends say it’s too soon to tell and to just give it time and see what happens but I don’t want to miss a chance if I have one. Thanks for your help.


I never recommend jumping into any relationship this soon.

Sounds to me like this guy is obviously attracted to you but you’ve only seen him 3 times, which is not enough time to tell if he has any intentions of getting into a relationship with anyone at this moment.

My recommendation is to stay in touch with him in person and on social media and let things develop further. Flirt but don’t make it too obvious or seem desperate because that’s a turn off for most guys. Definitely try to have some one-on-one time with him by going on dates and start asking “pre-qualifying” questions in order to determine if it’s worth pursuing a relationship with him or not.

Most guys who are single and are ready for a relationship would’ve made an attempt for some alone time at this moment. My gut feeling is that there’s something else going on. Maybe he has a girlfriend or he’s really not that into you as you may think.

Good luck.


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