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I am happy that I found this site, you seem to be very helpful in giving relationship advices so I thought I should also ask you one myself since I also have a interpersonal relationship problem with guys that has been bothering me for quite a long time. I noticed that a same pattern repeats in every relationship I have with guys, whether they are just casual or a bit more serious one.

At first it’s always fine just like other people might have, but I end up sleeping with them and after that the spark is gone, well for them but on the other hand I become more emotionally attached to them. So whenever I think things will move on to the next level, they are gone. A lot of them just disappear without any explanation. I see this quite rude, I mean it is quite natural and normal for a person to suddenly lose interest or just don’t feel it anymore toward the other person without any reason, because I get that too sometimes, but at least I tell them in a nice, non-hurting way so they understand, I really hate, and a bit disturbing to some degree whenever those moments come where I notice they left and I get all paranoid, even to the point I get physical reactions like cold hands and I’m trembling in fear, just like a child thinking her mom may have disappeared and crying for her.

Maybe this has something to do with my attachment anxiety or something, but I also thought since a lot of them were who I met online so I thought I was just being too naive for believing what they only said too quick and being credulous, that I shouldn’t have taken it too seriously myself,.

Recently this guy I’ve known from elementary school through high school suddenly confessed that he liked me and we met and watched movies, but I made a mistake and slept with him on the first date, which I regret very much because I promised myself not to do this, and take things slow.

I also know now that guys kind of lose interest or in a way get disgusted by women who they quickly have sex with. I feel like I’m in a way tamed to be this way, like I don’t know how to be seen as a relationship material. I know at 23 years old, I am still young but I want to break this pattern and get the type of relationship I deserve. But I know I have to have self-respect first, but it is hard, I am thinking I should take some time alone for a while and just remain as good friends with the guy as well as other guys I might meet in the future.

But please, I want the real reason why guys think they can just get away with it, just leaving without a single word even when we didn’t have a fight, when we actually had a good time the last time we met, one guy would just stop talking to me after he last said he’ll call me few hours later, I am so confused, Thank you for reading this long message, I hope I get a reply from you. Thank you.

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Hey honest guy, Hope you can help me. I’m 28 and I’ve been married before. I have 5y.o. boy., then happily divorced. Now I’m dating for over 16 months with a man, who is 10 years older then me. He has his own lifestyle, business and bugs as we all do. I love him with all this set, as is, and I understand that people at that age will never change. The thing is that after more then a year in relationships we still pretty much scheduling our dates like ones or twice a week and it seems like fine by him. He is introverted, so I understand that sometimes he needs some space. My concern that relationships isn’t growing. We don’t talk about moving in together or anything like that. At the same time I’m the FIRST woman that have been introduced to his family. He has never been married or lived with somebody. Do you think someday he will wake up one day, and say, now I’m ready for more. Cause I am ready, at list ready to start talking and planing. I want to have real family, and unfortunately can’t date with somebody till I get grey hair.

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Hi, I realize there is a ton of questions like this but I still feel I need some help. 2 years ago I broke up with a high school boyfriend of 11 years. It was my choice, overtime we grew apart and I cared for him but was no longer physically attracted to him, which i started feeling about 2 years before we broke up, and felt I had to end it and try to be happy. Only a month after we split I started seeing a guy I work with, I knew it was very soon but I felt this physical attraction I was missing for so long and he made me feel so special. Things went fast, he asked me to move into his house which I did. About 3 months into the relationship I seen a message from a girl on his phone, not appropriate for someone not single. After this I found things in his email, which he leaves up at home and messages to random girls. Finally I had enough and left. A month later after a lot if talking he convinced me he would not do this again. He said as he was single for years before we met it was a habit for him and he knew it was wrong now that we were together, and told me over and over it was done with. Note, he is 38, I’m 31. Since I went back I have not seen anything or once felt like he was hiding anything. What is bothering me is how much time he spends on porn sites. Our sex life is OK, I initiate a lot but its still only about once a week. I play with myself a lot more now as I am a very sexual person and once a week does not cut it for me. When I’m not home all he does it download and look at porn vids/sites, hours and hours. I’ve brought this up once and he got very angry and told me what he looks at is his business, which is fair, as I enjoy it too when I play, and sometimes we watch it together, but I guess to me there’s a difference between a few videos to get off to hours and hours of looking at it. I feel almost like I have to compete against porn, which I know is both impossible and crazy! Is this normal? I don’t want to cause a fight, we get along very well, spend a lot of our free time together and I know most people look at porn and I’m not saying he shouldn’t, but why for hours? Every time I leave the house? I feel like I’m going crazy! Thanks do much in advance for your help!

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I really need a man advice… you are the last honest I am. My name is Ad******, I am 49 and I have a relation with a man for about one and a half year. We are both singles,he is divorced ten years ago. In the early stage of our relation he explain to me that he is used to be single and don’t think to be available for emotional attachment. But I really liked him, felt good together, so I remain in this relation. Now,everything is good between us (from all points of view), somehow feel very close together and I’m pretty sure he feels good with me. But we are not really a couple;I mean, we don’t live together, don’t make plans for the future. So,I’m confused. It is possible that a man really prefer to live alone? or is just some fear of attachment? Can I do something to change this, if it is the case? I wish I could understand because I really love him (and is not just desire, but also appreciation and respect). So I wish that things go well for us. But I don’t want to “manipulate” him, because I think it must come from him to be worthwhile, no mater what. I will be grateful for your opinion.

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Has a guy you like ever called you beautiful and you wonder what exactly does that mean?

I’m going to admit one thing, guys can be hard to understand when it comes to knowing what exactly they’re feeling inside. You must first understand that most guys are not brought up thinking it’s ok to talk about this. Many guys are taught at a young age that they must be tough and should act hard. If they don’t, they might be perceived as weak among their peers.

They’re told things like:

“Men don’t cry”

“Man up!”

“Tough like a rock”

So it takes a lot for a guys to be able to call you beautiful. This means that a guys is comfortable enough with you to open his heart and tell you how he feels. Remember that most guys are not comfortable saying this and most likely will not tell their guy friends about it either. This is something he had decided to only share with you and only you. If you go around telling your friends that he called you beautiful, you’ll probably embarrass him. It’s probably best if this experience remains private and only between you and him.

With that said, he will probably tell his best friends about this and likewise you might choose to tell one of your girlfriends and that’s ok. The important thing to take away is that this should still remain private if you want to ensure that he will say it again. The last thing you want is to make it obvious that every single one of your friends knows about this.

In all honestly if a guy calls you beautiful, that means a lot. The word beautiful, is a way to define and house words like “cute”, “sexy”, “pretty”, and “hot”. It’s combining all those words into one. If a guys is being genuine when he says it, you must know that he thinks very highly of you. You’re probably a girl who he would want to start a relationship with and take it to the next level. Of course, when I say take it to the next level I mean more a long the lines of a long term relationship.

So next time a man calls you beautiful, you should feel flattered and realize that he’s really into you. It’s probably safe to assume that he would want more than just a friendship. I’m referring to starting a relationship and becoming girlfriend and boyfriend. And by the way, even if you think a guy who calls you beautiful doesn’t want anything romantic, you’re probably wrong. So be aware of guys who you think are only friends but yet keep calling you beautiful. Guys are visual creatures.


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