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I can’t get him out of my mind



So here’s the thing. The past summer at my cousin i met a guy but i wasn’t interested in a relationship. We just kissed and cuddled enjoy our time without commitment,back then i was thinking that we’ll forget each other. After I’ve got home, he called me all day and told me how much he misses me and then he told me he loves me. After a short period of time I’ve started to be attached to him but I’ve keep telling myself that i am not that into him. As i’ve started to know him i’ve noticed that he has an aggressive behavior, he is rude and dishonest with me and he has a girlfriend and other “girlfriends” so he’s a player. At that moment i told myself to not take him seriously and i knew he wasn’t good for me but i’ve keep talking to him on the phone. After several months of this illusion of “love” he started calling me less frequently until he stopped contacting me at all. My big problem is that it’s been almost a year since we met for the first time and i still can’t forget him, i think of him everyday even if i try not to. I never called him, actually we talked only when he contacted me so i am definitely not a stalker. I thought if we brake any contact i ‘ll definitely forget him but it doesn’t work. I want to heal please help me, need some advice.

P.S. English is not my native language

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I started college a year ago, during that period I met a guy I went to high school with but never talked to. Now we are in the same group of friends, but we always flirted from the moment we met. One time after a few drinks and coming back from the club he kissed me…a few days later we had sex, he was my first. At first it was casual, nothing serious. But now we text all the time, he doesn’t see anyone else, we tell each other we miss each other, we hold hands whenever we go to the mall. He pays when i go out..he even cleaned my car once without me asking. And one time, when we were both a bit drunk he said that he was “gonna stay with me”..but i didn’t take it seriously at the time cause i was drunk. It’s been like this for almost months but he has made no attempt at asking me out or date…i have no idea what is going on…help please?

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I’m very confused by this guy

I’m very confused by this guy post image


What he was doing. no idea why, but he did.). I texted him telling him to drive safe since he has bad night vision and I was going to bed. He texted me back and told me that i was a really nice sweet pretty woman but he didn’t think the feelings were the same. He said I was a great mom with two wonderful kids. He said he would just disappear and he was sorry for wasting my time and that there was someone good out there for me. He blocked me on fb, removed his dating profile and is ignoring my texts and phone calls. We never talked about any feelings, we just considered each other good friends. I would have dated him if had asked. He loved kids, so that wasn’t the problem. He has a stressful life due to the fact that his dad has a lot of issues that he has to put up with. He also got out of a bad relationship on the summer of 13. But my question is…. Why? Everything was perfect and he just went . I mean, was he scared? He didn’t say he wasn’t interested. We both agreed however we were looking for a long term relationship. I’m worried, as a friend. What do I do? How can I tell if he didn’t like me, or was scared???

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What is a friend with benefit?

What is a friend with benefit? post image


Dear last honest guy,

I’ve been seeing this guy for two weeks or so and last Thursday night we hooked up and he came back to mine where we had sex. I saw him on Saturday night at a party and we went back to my friend’s house to watch a movie. He left and said that he’d drop me home in the morning, but he ended up “chilling” at his friend’s place. Since then he’s been very MIA. I just want to know where we stand, as we decided we were friends with benefits. He said he’d make it up to me for not driving me home, but he hasn’t contacted me in two days. What should I do? Thank you!!!

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What is my ex thinking?

What is my ex thinking? post image


So my ex broke up with me four weeks ago, after nearly 17 months together. He got with his new girlfriend that night. I did all the things I know I’m not supposed to (multiple calls, texts, etc) and obviously that didn’t work.

The following weekend, he came to pick up some stuff from my house. I’ll admit, I was crying and begging him not to go like a crazy person… it was awful… then he did something I’ve never seen him do before… he cried, not like I was, but some tears rolled down his cheeks and he held me so tight, I didn’t want him to let go… I obviously let him leave eventually, but this was mainly as my little sister came home and she would freak if she saw him We spoke a little bit the next couple of weeks, sometimes ok, sometimes arguing. We were messaging on a Thursday lunchtime, arguing this time, and he just stopped replying. So for the first time, I just left him, no ‘why are you ignoring me?’ messages. I just left him alone. And by Saturday lunch time, he had called me to see if I wanted to hang out while his girlfriend was at work.

We went for a walk around a park (where he tried to throw me in the lake, a tradition of ours). I did get upset a couple of times because of things being said, but there’s somethings an ex doesn’t want to see or know! Then to the cinema. He paid for EVERYTHING. There was some poking and shoving while watching the movie. He even called his girlfriend and told her he would be late getting her as he was taking me home! He did tell me on the way home that he doesn’t like me like that but you don’t just get over someone with a click of your fingers!

So I don’t 100% believe him I then waited to see if he would message me first… he did. It was all pretty flirty, then I (casually) asked if next we were hanging out could he ask the night before so I could tell my Dad where I was going without my sisters going crazy… he said he didn’t know if we could see each other again as the day hadn’t proved to his new girlfriend I was over him (she expected me to get over him in four hours, two of which were spent in the cinema? Really?) so that hurt, that may have been my last time with him.

A couple of days later, I got upset (again) and said ‘Don’t you miss me? Don’t you want me in your life?’ and he said ‘It doesn’t matter what I want’ and stopped talking. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! Two friends thinks that means he’s changed his mind and doesn’t know how to tell her, and one isn’t sure. I tried to ask the next day bit he just said he wanted sleep… He’s sent me a few messages a day since then, he only sent one today and I think that’s because his girlfriend caught him messaging me as he’s been on whatsapp loads and hasn’t messaged back…

So… what do you think is going through his head?

Does he want me back?

Or at least still have feelings for me?

What should I do to get him back?

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