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The 3 day dating rule

The 3 day dating rule post image

Dear Last Honest Guy, So I met this guy at a friend's party on a Friday night. Never really noticed him as I was mingling with everybody. The following Tuesday he added me on facebook. When I accepted his friend request, he initiated a conversation on Facebook. Then he asked me out. Went out with [...]

One word to define this guy: immature! post image

I'd been seeing this guy pretty steadily for about 3 months. We hung out once a week every week without missing a beat, and while we didn't talk or text a lot during the week, we did make contact on an almost daily basis. To be fair, I never was sure what to call it. [...]

Easy comes, Easy goes

Easy comes, Easy goes post image

I've met this Asian guy at work, he's 21 and we were in a situation living together for 2 weeks because of a work field trip. As I met him he was sort of ignoring his girlfriend, when she'd call he say he was busy and call her back, but never would. While on the [...]

I like a guy at work

I like a guy at work post image

Well, I need some help here because I am really confused… I like a guy at work...I see him every day and from the different things he does or says (glances, smiles etc) I think that there is a chance he likes me too but you never know for sure…He is 35 and single. He [...]

The guy I’ve been seeing is in an open relationship post image

So I'm in a pretty sticky situation. I've been seeing this guy who is in an open relationship with his gf. She lives a few states away for college. We just started as friends, and having sex. Things were going awesome. After a while of hanging out, and making out we fell in love. We [...]

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Under $100 post image

So, a few days ago I wrote an article where I gave you 13 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas and so I realized that some of us may be on a budget this holiday season. For that reason, I figured I would give those of you on a budget, 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for [...]

The guy I like is from a different culture post image

Dear Last Honest Guy, I have been going out with this guy of a different culture. I know the certainties -- that I am walking into heartbreak territory. His culture is quite clannish and so is my religion. Yet despite that, I am drawn to him. We have mutual liking for each other. We agreed [...]

My boyfriend wants to video tape me

My boyfriend wants to video tape me post image

My boyfriend wants to video tape me giving him oral pleasure. I'm afraid that if I don't he might go to some other female for his kinkiness. What do you advise me to do? My number one rule is to never do anything you're not comfortable doing. So my initial thought is an absolute, NO! [...]

13 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas

13 Gift Ideas for Men this Christmas post image

Ok, so Christmas is around the corner and you're still having a hard time thinking of a good gift for your boyfriend, husband, or guy you like. Well, I'm going to make it easy for you and give you 13 gift ideas for your man this Christmas. The following gifts are gifts that I can [...]

My boyfriend works too much and doesn’t have time for me post image

Ok I met my boyfriend whom is 30 years old. He is from a conservative white collar family like myself. I met him on the internet, on a game we both played. We have been talking for a year, when I initially started speaking to him, he had no job and was waiting to get [...]

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