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Should I date a divorced guy with kids? post image

I recently started talking to a 30 year old Hispanic guy that is going through a divorce and has two young daughters . He seems very nice and hasn't said anything bad about his ex other than it sounds like she cheated on him since he mentioned trust issues. She is giving him full custody [...]

He said I am childish and immature and that I don’t listen to what he’s saying post image

Hi, So I am born and raised in the Philippines and I met this 38 year old guy who is born and raised in Iran. He has been in the US for 9 years during which he has been away from his parents and siblings. We have been dating for 3 weeks now and on [...]

I think there was something really special between us, but timing/life circumstances were against us… post image

Hi, So I’m a 29 female student in professional school and I met a guy through mutual friends 4 months ago. He is 28 and I am 29. We are both American/Caucasian, with graduate degrees, active lifestyles. He lives 400 miles away and was just in town by chance visiting these mutual friends. We really [...]

I am a 25 year old single mother of a 1 year old and looking to date a 19 year old. Is that a good idea? post image

I recently met a guy at school. He is a wonderful person and seems like he would be everything I am looking for. However, I am a 25 year old single mother of a 1 year old and he is only 19. (He has met my daughter and they get along well.) He works at [...]

Something is wrong if you only know the phone number of the guy you’ve been dating for 8 months post image

I've been dating this guy for 8 months. Everything was going great. He's 23. We starting hooking up after he broke up w/ his ex and I the same. We would go out every week or just share a movie at his place. Recently he started opening up about his feeling and said that "he [...]

How can you tell if a guy genuinely likes you and isn’t just after you for some action? post image

Dear Last Honest Guy, There's this amazing guy I met. He told me he likes me. I have to admit I like him too. However, we both know that if ever we get into a relationship it will only be till he graduates in June as he is an international student like me and has [...]

How do you attract a man’s attention? post image

I feel like since birth I've been raised with all of these preconceived notions about men, love and relationships in general. I really wish there was some way to either prove or debunk a lot of these, because I feel like it's these preconceived ideas that really get in the way of a lot of [...]

Am I obligated to give a Valentines gift to a guy I just started dating? post image

Hi I just started dating a gentleman who I met in June 2010 and just started to date in January 2011. He is 33years old African American. we were friends first and just started to date. So my question is.. I'm I or are we obligated to give gifts on valentines day? This is a [...]

10 Valentine Gifts for Him

10 Valentine Gifts for Him post image

Well, Valentine's Day is around the corner and you don't know what to buy your boyfriend, husband, guy you like or significant other, right? Luckily it doesn't have to be such a hard decision this year because I've taken the time to make a list of 10 pretty unique Valentine's Gifts for Him. In this [...]

Is he messed up in the head or he’s just a player? post image

So I've met this guy on an online dating site. He's 2 years older than me (I'm 18). We started texting this year September, we met up a month later but he left me waiting outside in the cold for an hour and we did it in the back of his car for 10 minutes [...]

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