I met this guy at my son’s sporting event. Both of our sons swim. He is a single parent like me. About 4 or so years ago his ex wife divorced him for another man. He has a live in girlfriend that he talks a lot a bout and seems genuinely fond of. I think they have been involved for about 2 years. Well my question is why does this guy seem to flirt with me, yet go on to brag about his gf? This guy makes deep eye contact with me and seems to light up when I walk into the room. He asks where I was if I skip an event. He always seeks out conversation w me and is so nice. He does not come across as a player and seems more cautious than anything. I think he may like me, but then he starts talking about her. What is going on? Does he like me or not? Why does he always bring her up in our conversations?


I’m not sure what you look like and that could completely change my answer if I did. Generally if you’re hot, there’s a strong possibility that he just wants to nail you and by bringing up the fact that he has a gf and loves her, he’s ensuring that you don’t get crazy thoughts and expect anything more than just a physical relationship.

On the other hand, if you’re average looking or plain ugly then it could just mean that you desperately want someone to like you and are just seeing things that are just not there.


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