I I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I’m 21 and he’s 23. We have a long distance relationship. 4 hours actually. The whole time we have been together there has been many girls making up things like that he cheats on me etc.. But ive found out that the girls have actually just wanted him but recently he’s been lieing to me alot and also not treating me very well. Wondering if you think he is cheating on me. And if you have any advice on how I could trust him alot more.



Ok, here we go again. Is he cheating on you? He probably is. He’s a damn 23 year old male in a “long distance relationship” of course he is! In a guy’s world being in a “long distance relationship” means he’s single.

Advice on how you can trust him again? Yea, break up with him. If you break up with him and you still keep in touch than that means both of you can do whatever you both want which also means you can trust him because you won’t be worrying about him and what he’s doing every 10 seconds.


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