I have been single for about 3 1/2 years now. My last relationship ended very badly and I got really hurt. So I now run at the first sign that I actually start liking a guy. I pick at anything I can to find a reason that I shouldn’t date him. I’m trying to catch myself and not run but that is a very difficult thing to do. So now I am dating someone new who is also 30. He is a very sweet and caring guy who treats me like a queen. He seems like a very genuine guy however, I recently found out that he has a few felony convictions on his record and is actually facing more charges. All of the charges are over a year old and have to do with possession of marijuana with intent to sell. He doesn’t know that I know yet. I work in the legal field and take my career very seriously. Also I am not involved in any way with drugs or any other illegal activity. I know this may be a really dumb question but would you consider that a valid reason to stop dating him or should I give him chance to explain? I just don’t want to stupidly run from relationships anymore. Please help!


That’s a perfectly good reason to stop dating anyone. In fact, I would advice you to do so right away. Look, you have a chance here to call it quits and not get emotionally involved with this guy, so why not do this?

He has obviously made the wrong choices in his life more than once, but you haven’t so why should you start now? If you stay with this guy you will continue to surround yourself with a person who has “too much drama” in his life and you don’t need that.

I always say, quit while you’re ahead.


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