What do men’s compliments really mean?


Men refer to women in many different terms – hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc… Can you give us a breakdown of what these terms mean, from a man’s perspective?


Men refer to women in many different ways and of course, we use many different terms depending on who we are judging. We use terms like, pretty, beautiful, fine, hot, cute, just to name a few.

We also use different terminology to refer to women depending on who we’re with.

If we are hanging out with the guys we don’t use the same terms as if we’re hanging out with our girl. We generally don’t show our sensitive side when we are in front of our guy friends and avoid sounding like pussies in front of them. Remember that in front of the guys we are supposed to be tough and masculine, that’s just the way it works. So ladies please don’t get upset if we are different with you when we are in front of our friends. It’s not that we are fake or don’t mean the things we say when we are alone it’s just the way it is and there’s not much we can do about it (unless you want us to lose all respect from other men on earth).

Please know that if we start to act all “sweet” in front of our friends and they happen to be with their girls too then it also makes them look bad. It never fails that after they leave their girl starts complaining and saying things like; “did you see he opens the door for her, how come you don’t do the same?” or “look he’s always giving her kisses and you never kiss me in front of them”. This kind of behavior on your part definitely doesn’t help the situation either.

The best way to describe the way we use different terms to refer to our woman is simple. Terms such as fine, hot and “she looks good” are used to refer to an exotic woman, someone who we lust and just want to nail right then and there. This is the type of girl that looks sexual and erotic and usually looks like a playboy model. In other words, those terms are used when a woman looks very sexy.

Other terms like pretty and beautiful or even cute are used to refer to a woman that is an all-around good looking girl. This is the kind of girl that we want to keep and bring home to mama. When we call a girl pretty and beautiful it means that we are thinking more long-term and is someone who is girlfriend/wife material. Generally, this kind of girl is a good candidate for possibly having kids with. These types of terms also mean that we not only like your looks but also your personality. If your man ever calls you any of these terms (pretty/beautiful) you should feel flattered and pleased knowing that your man thinks of you long-term and not just for one night.

However, also know that it’s possible for your man to refer to you using both types of compliments from time to time and this is generally done when the specific term applies to the situation. Let me explain if one night you suddenly surprise him with a brand new sexy lingerie and just jump on top of him and start riding him like a pony (please do) then he might say you are looking hot. This doesn’t mean he only wants you for that night, it means you are looking sexy and exotic and he’s digging it. Keep that in mind and don’t hesitate to get creative in finding ways to make your man call you the words you’re looking for.


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