My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday and I want to get over him. I still love him a lot. I deleted him from all my buddy lists and emails. I also temporarily deleted my facebook so I don’t have to go on his page. So how do I get over him?

First thing to remember is that if someone doesn’t want to be with you anymore there’s nothing you can do about it. You must keep in mind that you can’t force anyone to do something they don’t want and if they have made the decision to split up then you should do the same. Know that if it ever crosses your mind and you think you will never find someone better than him, YOU’RE WRONG.

One of the worst things to do is to completely block the possibilities from finding someone better for you. If you start to say those things to yourself, you are basically dictating your brain to do the same. This should be the number one rule to avoid.

Remember that your brain controls your feelings and emotions so whatever you tell yourself it will essentially come true.

Instead of thinking in a negative way it’s better to think of a breakup as the opportunity of your life. If this person decided to not be with you, then that’s wonderful! Now you have open the possibility for the right person to come along and if this other person decided to leave then he was obviously not the right one for you.

By doing the above you have taken care of the emotional side of a breakup and now its time for the physical side. If I was talking to a guy I would just plain and simply say to get out there, chase as much tail as possible and of course get laid as much as you possibly can and that’s it, you’re over the breakup!

But of course for a girl is a bit different, you don’t want to turn into a whore. Allow me to translate this same idea into female terms; what you want to do is try to date and get to know as much people as possible. You basically want to go out and keep yourself busy at all times and try not to think about the breakup.

Start by doing all the things you couldn’t do when you were with him.

  • For example, if your ex didn’t like to go dancing, then start going to dance clubs with your girlfriends.
  • If he didn’t want you to wear certain kinds of clothes, then start wearing them.
  • Go see all the chick flicks at the movie theater that he never wanted to go see with you.
  • You know that guy at work or at your favorite coffee shop that you always wanted to talk to but you never did because you had a boyfriend? Now you can talk to him, so do it!
  • What about smoking that joint every time you feel like it? Now you can do it. Oh wait… that only applies to guys, never mind.

I guess you get the idea right? And if none of these apply to you then I’m sure you can think of similar things and just start by doing them. It will help you stay busy and it will keep your mind off the breakup.

Also try to avoid some of the places you used to frequent the most with your ex, it will just remind you of him and it won’t help out the situation.

Most importantly, start doing all the activities and things you really like, be patient, and you might find the right person there. And guess what? If you do, you guys will already have something you really like in common.


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