How long is too long to go without sex?

Sex is the most important part (top 3 for sure) of marriage or a romantic relationship. Sex is what defines a romantic relationship, without it all you really have is a good friendship. Are you with me?

So, how long is too long without sex? I guess there’s really no exact time frame. It really varies from couple to couple and that’s because our sexual needs are all different. This is why I believe sexual compatibility is important. Both parties have to be on the same page in order to be a good match and for things to work out.

Unfortunately, a number of couples are not necessarily compatible but still insist on being together and trying to make things work. Although this is not the ideal situation to be in, I believe there’s always a solution to a problem.

Going back to our original question, how long is too long? The way you knows it’s been too long is when either one of the two people in the relationship has a need for sex. Let me point out that although rare, at times even women are the ones that suffer from not getting their needs met by their partner.

The solution to not suffering from this problem is to give it to your partner whenever they’re in need. It’s really that simple. Even if you’re really not in the mood, just make an effort and do it. You know you do plenty of things every day even if you’re not in the mood. For example, you go to work every day even when you’re not in the mood. You take a shower daily (I hope) and brush your teeth even when you’re not in the mood. So why not just satisfy your partner even if you’re not in the mood?

You manage to do all these other things when you’re not in the mood only because you see a benefit to you. You go to work because you need money to pay your bills. You shower because you want to feel clean and don’t want to stink when you’re in public. Just look at sex the same way, give it to the person you love whenever they need it because there’s a benefit to you. By keeping your partner happy you’ll have a better and happier relationship and that’s a big reason to do it. On top of that there are also studies that show the more frequent you have sex, the more often you’ll crave it. Who knows maybe your appetite for sex will naturally increase over time.

So how long is too long for you?

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