Have you ever wondered if the guy you’re dating is a player? Does everyone you know tells you he is but you don’t want to see it? The following 50 questions will show you some of the most common signs to know you’re dating a player.

1. He asks for your number but refuses to give you his

This is a typical sign of a player. A guy often gets your number but when he calls, you notice that his number is Restricted or unknown and always has an excuse of why you can’t have his number. Sometimes he even calls you from a friend’s phone and tells you not to call him back at that number. If this is happening to you, chances are you’re dating a player.

2. He never answers his phone when you call him

If you manage to get a contact number from him, every time you call him he never picks up the phone. You always have to leave a voicemail and wait for a call back. This is because he’s with another girl at that time and of course he doesn’t have time for you. Later when he gets a chance he’ll send you a text and tell you he’s busy (giving you a lame excuse) and call you when ever he gets a chance. If this is happening to you, chances are you’re dating a player.

3. You never meet his family or close friends

If you’ve been dating a guy but realize you don’t know any of his friends let alone his family, there’s a reason for that. You’re obviously just a temporary chick and there’s no reason to introduce you to anyone he knows. You might know one or two of his male friends but usually you have to bring a girlfriend with you in order to “hang out” otherwise it’s usually a one-on-one encounter. If this is happening to you, chances are you’re dating a player.

4. Most of his friends on his Facebook or Myspace are skanky girls

Sometimes you meet a guy on FB or Myspace (very common now a day) or simply add each other later after your initial meet and think he’s a nice guy. But take a look at his friend list or the comments he gets, if you notice most of his “friends” are skanky chicks that leave him provocative comments that’s generally a good sign he’s a player. You’re just another one of those chicks who later will leave the same kind of comments.

5. He never wants to go anywhere you invite him

A lot of the times you invite the guy you’re dating to certain places you don’t want to go alone and for some reason he’s always busy or just simply tells you he doesn’t want to go. The reason is because a player is not interesting in spending time with you unless it involves an empty house and a bed. If this is happening to you, chances are you’re dating a player.

6. He never answers his phone in front of you

If you notice that every time you’re with him he never picks up his cell phone and says things like “it’s not an important call” or “who ever it is can wait” usually translates to “I’ll call this chick after I’m done with this one”. If this is happening to you, chances are you’re dating a player.

7. He never wants to spend time with you on the weekends

If every time you hang out with this guys is on weekdays and he’s always too busy on the weekends, that’s because for a player the weekends are the days he goes after new victims. He’s not going to waste valuable weekend time with you when he can be out there meeting new girls that will eventually be next in line after (or while) he’s done with you.

8. Never spends major holidays with you

This is a given sign the guy you’re dating is a player. He’ll never spend time with you on major holidays because that means he will have to spend money or take you out and he’s not interested I doing that. He only wants to get laid, hit it and quit it, do the freak nasty, sink the sailor, lay pipe, you get the idea.

9. All the activities you ever do involves drinking

When you hang out with a guy if all you ever do is drink together or activities which include alcohol that’s because the more liquored up you get a girl, the greater chance she’ll give it up. It’s a simple formula that all players are familiar with and it’s proven to work.

10. He suddenly dumps you

Finally if he suddenly dumps you and you didn’t even see it coming is because he’s good. So good that he had you fooled into believing you were special, and once he got tired of you and got what he wanted he got rid of you. He moved on to his next victim and that’s it. So, if you were ever inexplicably dumped by someone know you know why, you were dating a player the whole time.

But don’t be discourage is you’ve been a victim of a player there are many matchmakers online that can help you get the guy you deserve. Learn from your experience and don’t make the same mistake again in the future. There are some good man out there.


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