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Dear Last Honest Guy, I've just come across your website and I'd like some straight forward advice. I met someone at work, and we instantly hit off and were flirting. We became good work friends and share things about our families and personal life. We also have a lot in common as far as upbringing, [...]

I can’t get him out of my mind

So here's the thing. The past summer at my cousin i met a guy but i wasn't interested in a relationship. We just kissed and cuddled enjoy our time without commitment,back then i was thinking that we'll forget each other. After I've got home, he called me all day and told me how much he [...]

I started college a year ago, during that period I met a guy I went to high school with but never talked to. Now we are in the same group of friends, but we always flirted from the moment we met. One time after a few drinks and coming back from the club he kissed [...]

I’m very confused by this guy

I’m very confused by this guy post image

What he was doing. no idea why, but he did.). I texted him telling him to drive safe since he has bad night vision and I was going to bed. He texted me back and told me that i was a really nice sweet pretty woman but he didn't think the feelings were the same. [...]

What is a friend with benefit?

What is a friend with benefit? post image

Dear last honest guy, I've been seeing this guy for two weeks or so and last Thursday night we hooked up and he came back to mine where we had sex. I saw him on Saturday night at a party and we went back to my friend's house to watch a movie. He left and [...]

What is my ex thinking?

What is my ex thinking? post image

So my ex broke up with me four weeks ago, after nearly 17 months together. He got with his new girlfriend that night. I did all the things I know I'm not supposed to (multiple calls, texts, etc) and obviously that didn't work. The following weekend, he came to pick up some stuff from my [...]

I met him at a club

I met him at a club post image

I instantly felt attract to this guy at first sight. We kept glancing at one another at the club. We danced near each other. I walked pass at him to the bar, he noticed and approached. We talked for a bit. I got his name, but I didn't give him my name. He's a regular [...]

Friends with benefits gone wrong

Friends with benefits gone wrong post image

Hey so I've been dealing with this guy for almost 4 yrs now. We have a fwb type of relationship. The problem with this is I have caught feelings for him and I believe he has for me, but we are too afraid to say anything. What should I do? You can't wait forever to [...]

How to move it forward?

How to move it forward? post image

Saturday night I went to a party with a guy friend from college and then after we walked around town with our friends with arms around each other for about 3 hours. I know that if I had given him the cues, he would’ve kissed me. Monday he sent me a snapchat and I replied. [...]

My sickness stops at getting my red wings post image

So I have a question. This guy I talk dirty with through texting and messaging said something weird to me today. He asked for a dirty pic last night and I reluctantly sent him one but it was a couple months old as I said I couldn't snap one last night. (I was on my [...]