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My ex is still in love with me

My ex is still in love with me post image

So I am best friends with my ex boyfriend.... We were together for four years and I broke up with him after losing someone close to me and I felt like I was smothering. That was 3 years ago and he has been there for everything since still is very close to me and my [...]

So you've sorted out your online dating profile on, you've got chatting to somebody interesting and you're wondering how to go about this. Do you play it coy, do you show a lot of interest, what do you talk about? Here are some tips on how to communicate with your online date: Be [...]

I’m dating a loser but I want to be with my bestfriend post image

Hi, This might be kind of long. Okay so 5 years ago I ended up having an intimate relationship with my best guy friend. After a year, I wanted a commitment but he didn't. He "treated" me like his girlfriend but never officially wanted to put a title on it. I eventually got upset then [...]

There is just something about him that I can’t let go post image

My ex (27 year old) and I have been broken up for 7 months now. In this time, we have still been seeing each other, purely on a friends with benefits relationship. I was the first person to sleep with someone else, and I got called many names by him, as well as being asked [...]

Should I give up on him or keep fighting for him? post image

So, there is this guy and we were friends over the summer but slowly grew apart. One night I wasn't myself and I freaked out at him because I felt like he didn't care and didn't even want to be my friend. The next couple weeks I ignored him when he came up to me [...]

Is he playing me like a fiddle and laughing at me or is he emotionally unavailable? post image

I will make this as short as I possible can... I will call the man I am speaking of "Tony" when referring to him.  Before now, Tony and I knew each other on a "hi/bye" level for several years.. We have mutual friends so throughout the years we would run into each other from time [...]

I have a crush on my secret friend but I’m married… post image

Im a married woman who is having a "secret" friendship with my hubbys buddy/workmate. We get along so well, text each other on a daily basis. I started to have feelings for him. Don't get me wrong I love my husband, and would never cheat on him. My guy friend has never come on to [...]

In love with a prison inmate

In love with a prison inmate post image

My names Jenn, I'm 39 - I met Iain (also 39) 5 yrs ago when he came to my house to visit my flatmate. Initially, he came across a bit arrogant for my liking and it took a few visits for me to break the ice. Despite the slightly frosty beginning we found we had [...]

I am in a difficult situation right now and dont know what to do, to start off I used to date this guy, we will call him T. Well one day I was at his house just hanging out, and a couple of his friends came over, one of them being his cousin (e) that [...]

Am I fooling myself that maybe he will realize his true feelings? post image

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 9 months ago because he can't accept that I have kids from a previous marriage (he's 26, I'm 31) He says he doesn't believe he loves me, but I feel like he does. We had a great relationship, great chemistry, are best friends, and are compatible in many [...]

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