High School Hook-Up – Does he like me?


There is this boy who i hooked up with a few times. I was with him the other day and we hooked up and I gave him a hickey. People know it was me but he told people that he thinks I’m ugly. But why would he say that if he hooked up with me many times before and never said I was ugly? He’s always all over me when we got to the same parties and he stares at me all the time. My friends think he likes me but trys to hide from his friends. I don’t know what to think because he obviously wouldn’t have come over if he thought I was ugly so why would he say all that stuff to others?


The answer is simple, you’re probably a “B” chick or possibly a “C” chick.

What does this mean? It means that you’re not as good looking as you think you are. You’re the type of girl a guy hooks up with after he couldn’t get anything better at the party/club. All guys are this way and it shouldn’t be that hard to understand. When a guy goes for the gold and can not get it, he has to settle for second best or sometimes even for third best. In your case, you’re probably second best but most likely third best. In other words, you’re good enough for a hookup but not good enough to go bragging about it to his friends.

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