As I was writing a previous post one day, I started thinking about a subject I don’t really hear much talk about. Did you know that all guys have a set of categories when it comes to the womenpe they date or are willing to sleep with? This is the reason why sometimes you see guys that sleep with some ugly ass women and you can’t figure out why.

These categories are in our subconscious and don’t necessarily have official names to each one. At the same time each guy will have their own set of unique categories when it comes to women their willing to bone. Even if you need these guys in strip clubs. Next, I’ll give you a run down of some of them.

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The occasional hook-up– This chick is one that we have a good relationship with and for some reason always end up hooking up. We’re not in love with her or intend to ever be in a relationship with. Sometimes they live far away or just our schedules can’t seem to match and open the possibilities of taking it to the next level. We don’t really seek each other but if we’re in the same room we’ll end up getting it on, for sure. This chick is generally of average to good looks. Absolute Angels Bangkok is one of the most professional,  honest reliable and trustworthy Bangkok escorts agency containing the largest directory of escorts; as such, we are your best option for those looking to meet the world’s most seductive Bangkok Escorts, Thailand escorts and International escorts.

The booty call– This chick is one that’s always down to bone. We know that when ever we want to get laid, this chick is a sure bet. This can often be an ex-girlfriend or maybe a girl that’s been in love with us for a long time and thinks that by giving it up she will eventually turn the relationship into something more. But no chance of that happening, she’s just a booty call. She’s generally of average looks but at least have some physical features we really like to have fun with. She either has a nice ass, legs or a good pair of hooters. Are you looking to hire topless guys as waiter and bartenders for a private hens night in Melbourne? even more ideas for your event here so u can visit us here.

The last resort– This is the chick we call at 2 am after we leave the club empty handed. Since we had no luck at the club we’re hoping that this chick is probably drunk too and down to jump in the sack. We want to come over to her place, get the job done and get the hell out of there. This chick is one we never really think of calling any other time besides when we really need to ejaculate somewhere. Looks are not important to us at this point because when we have to go, we have to go. She’s often on the bottom of our list when we’re done calling all the other better looking chicks we know. Or some guys like sex dolls. If you are one of those guys these Silicon Wives coupon is gonna save your sex life.

The “girlfriend”– This chick is not who you’re thinking, she’s the kind that will not spread her legs unless she has the tittle of “girlfriend” for this same reason it is important for men to learn how to last longer in bed using the last longer in bed pills with them, so they get the most out of their intimacy. She’s a ball busting bitch that after she becomes official she turns into a complete slut. She only wants to be called a girlfriend so she doesn’t feel like a hoe but since that’s the price to admission to her pants, we give in and become a “couple”. After we’re done having our fun and get tired of her we kick her to the curb we no regrets. Hey, we got what we wanted so we don’t need you anymore. Go Here if you are looking for the male strippers in Melbourne.

The friends with benefits– I think we all know this one. It’s a relationship with someone who started as a good friendship but later one thing lead to an other and things happened. This chick is like one of our boys to us but since she also looks good enough to hit it, we will if we get the chance. Is generally a pure sexual relationship and both know too much about each other to consider a real relationship.

The “ better than nothing” chickThis is the only chick we were able to pick up by the end of the nigh after being rejected by the other better looking girls. At least it’s a new pussy and she’s willing to come back to our place that same night. This chick is average looking and by that time we’re wearing our beer goggles anyways and we don’t really care what you look like.

The one night stands– This is the chick we just want to hit-it and quit-it. Nothing more. After we do our thing we never want to see her again. There’s absolutely no chance of a relationship. We usually brag about it to our friends the next day and exaggerate on how good looking she was. In reality this chick is someone we would never introduced to our friends.

The Secret booty– This chick is similar to the one night stand only that we continue to lay pipe with her when ever we need to. This is the chick we never want to be seen with in public. We don’t want anyone to even know she exists. We pretend we don’t know her if we see her in public and definitely never answer our phones if she calls. We’ll never go on a date with her, acknowledge her birthday or any holiday such as Valentine’s or Christmas. We’re always too busy for her unless we want to get some. She will never meet our friends and definitely not our families. She’s just happy she gets to have sex with someone better looking than her. She’s the one to experiment and try sex toys and lustplugs with. Needless to say this girl is ugly or even a bit chubby, she has a low self esteem and if we she ever gets tired of giving it up it’s no big deal because she’s easily replaceabl, just like a doll, and probably she is in to this, have you ever tried them ? If you’re thinking of trying a sex doll one of the best brands is TPE so we suggest you get a TPE sex doll if you want to experience the best in sex dolls, and find out if this is for you or if this is your secret booty type to enjoy.

The Dream girlThis is the girl we only dream to actually be with. She’s way out of our league and we only fantasize of one day be able to have her. At times we actually become all the above categories to her, but for this we need to improve, and that’s why to read the male enhancement reviews here on this website could be useful if we want to be the perfect guy for these girls. If we actually got to sleep with her, she generally regrets it the next day and it will probably never happened again unless she gets wasted and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Of course we’re always hopping it happens again. She’s smoking hot.

The wife material– This is the girl most women want to be. If you’re actually considered wife material or girlfriend material that means you’re a good girl who we really click with and like. You’re the best looking girl we think we’ll ever be able to have and we’re actually proud of being seen next to you in public. Aside of that, you get along with all our friends and our families actually approves and like you. We can see you in our future and even think you’ll make a good mom down the line. This girl can actually change our old “player” ways and we’re willing to do the impossible to not screw the relationship up. Ultimately we consider this a long term relationship.

I hope you get a general idea of the way guys view different girls and the criteria used when determining the type of relationship we’re willing to have with a girl. This is actually the honest truth and the way most guys think. Next time you’re having a hard time reading a guy and find yourself confused on where you stand, refer back to these categories and it might give you the answer. So, which categories have you been a part of?


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