What kind of guy says “NO” to friends with benefits?

This is an easy answer and not one that you want to hear but I’ll say it anyways because, well I am The Last Honest Guy and this is what I do.

The kind of guy that says “no” to a friends with benefits is one that finds you too damn ugly to hit it even if he knows there’s no strings attached. Of course this generally applies to a single guy.

Sometime a guy who has a girlfriend or is in a relationship will say “no” because of obvious reasons, he values his relationship and doesn’t want to screw it up.

Another possible reason might be if a girl has a track record of being psycho. What I mean by this is that some women say they just want to be friends with benefits but in reality that’s not true. This situation can really turn ugly if the girl is psycho and don’t keep up with the agreement. Often times it brings a lot of drama or they easily become attached and want more than just sex. Also, when it’s time to move on they just can’t let go.

Ask yourself, are you like any of the above mentioned?


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