So my ex last night came back from going on a little family reunion with his new girl friend of like 3 weeks. Well the second he was back at home he started texting me asking me “how was the sex” or “was he as big as me” or “did I get enough or am I full”
He assumed I was having sex with one of my guy friends. We went to the state fair and dinner. We didn’t have sex but I didn’t tell my ex that. I just kinda let him think what he wanted. I ignored his questions and he kept sending them.
Is he jealous? It sounds like he isn’t over me.

You’re ex-boyfriend is probably not jealous at all, specially if he was the one that dumped you. But let me continue and explain the reason guys do this; it’s simply to feed our ego.

We guys like to always think we’re the best at what we do and that includes the bedroom too. If you’re ex is texting you to find out if the other guy is better or bigger than him in bed is because he’s hoping that you either will tell him “NO” and say that he’s better in bed or just won’t answer him, which might be an indication that he’s right and indeed he’s better and bigger than the other guy.

He’s basically trying to make himself feel good and at the same time it will tell him that you’re not over him yet, which is also a way to feed his ego even more. We guys usually like to know that plenty of girls want us and we don’t get tire of hearing it even if we have absolutely no intentions of being with them. It just makes us feel bigger and more confident.

My advice to you is to reply back and pretend that this guy is way better than him in the sack.

You may even say something like, “I’m learning new things I didn’t even know existed!” or “Wow, I didn’t think sex could be this good.” That will completely crush his ego and destroy his confidence. It’s an easy way to let him know you’re not going to be his poor victim that’s all depressed because he broke up with you, boo hoo….

Also, don’t reply back to his texts right away and ignore him completely from time to time. That will show him you’re not just waiting by your phone to see if he’s going to call you or text you and should also work as a good way to show him you’re not interested in him and have moved on.

Of course, that’s if you’re over him…


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