Over this past weekend as I’m sure you all know the VMA 2010 took place and for some it was a success while for others it was a complete disappointment. Which ever way you may feel is really not what I’m here to discuss. What I do want to talk about is some of the women who attended this event. To be specific just “Snooki” in comparison to Kim kardashian.

First and for most I want to apologize for even thinking about comparing the two, but the purpose of doing this is to highlight the “do’s” and “don’ts” so that women out there do not get the wrong idea and think is OK to dress, behave, act and be this way. It seems like due to the popularity of “Snooki” (which should be refer to as SPOOKI) more and more women seems to think is “cool” to be this way.

Let me just say that “Snooki” has got to be one of the most horrendous people to ever make it on TV. To me, when I watch TV is to see something I can’t normally see on a daily basis. And yes, that’s good looking people. I see plenty of ugly people every day every where I go, so I don’t want to see them on my TV unless they have another talent like being funny. Other than ugly comedians, I really don’t have room for ugly people such as “Spooki” to be on my TV.

On the other hand, watching Kim Kardashian on my screen totally makes every minute of my time in front of my TV worth while. She’s one of the most gorgeous women to ever make it on TV and above all she is a women with class.

So let’s begin and make a quick comparison of the two:
  • Kim has a great tan. It looks good on her because it looks natural. “Snooki” seems to have over done the fake tan and plain and simple, it looks ridiculous. It looks fake and completely unattractive. Big no no.
  • “Snooki” recently try to pull the “bangs look” and sadly she was unsuccessful. Like the old song saying; “you can take the girl out the hood, but not the hood out the homegirl” (OK I modified it) and “Snooki’s” ghettoness shines right through them. And of course, as you can see in the picture above, Kim can totally rock that look.
  • “Snooki” is so short, I think she can almost be considered a midget. Even though Kim is not the tallest girl out there she has enough height to just be a cute girl who you just want to hug. “Snooki” on the other hand, you want to run from her.
  • The last big one is the lack of style “Snooki” is missing. She plain and simple doesn’t have one. I would imagine she must have someone that can tell her she looks horrible in all the clothes she tries to fit in, but I’m sure she wouldn’t listen anyways. Need less to say Kim looks classy, attractive and damn good in anything she wears. I guess some people just have it in them to be able to pull any look they want.

I guess if “Snooki” wasn’t trying to act like a DIVA all the time, I wouldn’t even be writing this post. She needs to really come down to reality and find her place. One thing is for sure, playing the DIVA role is not where she belongs. Very few can pull that, and as a clear example Kim can do it and “Snooki” can’t.

What I want every women out there to take from this is that if you idolize “Snooki” and thinks she’s cool, please leave it at that and do not try to follow her footsteps and be like her. Guys will not take you serious and will only try to use you because that’s exactly the message you’re projecting to everyone. Rather try to act and model yourself like a true role model such as Kim Kardashian. She’s a smart, sexy and classy women that any man out there would love to be with, and that’s what you want every man to think about you. So, there you have it. Now is up to you to decide if you want to be a “Snooki” or a Kim.


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