I met this guy at school a few weeks ago. He is in a fraternity. He text me that same day, he was so sweet. He told me he is interested in me. We met up at school a few day later. We were flirting. I walked him to his car. In the parking lot, we were making out. It went a little too far. He would text me everyday. On Saturday, he invited me to hang out with his friends. I invited my friend to come along. He later told me we were going to play beer bong. He text me, that his friends doesn’t believe he has two hot girls. My friend didn’t want to go. We went to the movies instead. My friends think he now views me as slut. I wasn’t suppose to kiss him right away. He just wants sex. They tell me frat guys only want one thing. He stopped texting me. I text me. We always hang out in his car. We would make out. We hold hands. He tells me, he likes me. I text him a few days later, he didn’t respond. I am wondering, does he really like me? is he just using me? Should I continue to see him?


Actually, it sounds like you are a slut indeed. What kind of girl meets a guy and only a few days later goes out to his car and has a make-out session? Definitely a wrong move to make if your intensions were to have a serious relationship.

By the way, Frat boys generally do have a reputation of just wanting to get laid as much as possible but in all honesty that’s true for most young guys in their 20’s. So good luck finding a guy who doesn’t just want to get laid.

To answer your question, does he really like you? It depends on what your definition of “really liking” is. He likes you enough to want to screw you. He likes you enough to make time to text you and want to hang out with the hopes of getting laid. Yes, he really likes you for that.

Does he like you for a serious relationship? I doubt it. You have made it too easy for him to have access to you and now his only goal is to actually score with you. By the way most guys in college don’t want anything serious and you shouldn’t either. Right now you should concentrate in school and getting your education complete.

If you don’t want guys to perceive you as a slut or a hoe, try doing things different in the future and don’t make it so easy. Just learn from this experience.


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