I have been dating my boyfriend for a year and 3 months. Lately…I have been suspicious that maybe he wants to cheat. One day he left his Facebook on my laptop and I thought it was mine so I checked my messages whose were really his. I found him asking an old neighborhood friend of his to grab a coffee one day and catch up. He would get so mad at me if I was thinking about doing that.

I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I went through his phone. I have read many girls from his work calling him “babe” and he replied to one calling her “sweetie”. I also caught this message by someone awhile ago and Im not sure if he read it yet cause he never replied it said: “Hey babes, I assume you’re sleeping but I really need to talk for a sec so text me when you wake up its kind of a funny story xox”

That was def within the time of our dating. I am just really worried because he broke up with his crazy girlfriend who was over weight, for me. I notice myself gaining weight since we started dating and therefore i am getting more self conscience everyday. He is a gorgeous 19 year old young man. He’s a charmer, he’s friendly and I don’t know how to confront him because i don’t want him thinking I am jealous or I don’t want him to ignore his faults…..I just need help?!


Look, you’ve been “suspicious” that he might want to cheat? Let me break it to you and tell you that at 19 I’d be surprise if he hasn’t cheated on you already!

I think that a handsome guy who is only 19 and has a lot of options out there will definitely take them any time he cans. This is just how it is when you’re that young, no two ways about it.

You just want to hump anything that moves and looks good!

Just assume that he has cheated already, what do you want to do next?

You can ignore it or… confront him, have a big argument and possibly break up.

Bottom line is that this guy is too young for you and doesn’t have the right mentality for a serious relationship. I don’t blame him either, he’s 19!

If you want a serious relationship then be with someone who also wants one, not someone who only wants to get laid. You’re with the wrong guy.


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