I don’t get guys. I’ve been going out with this guy for about three weeks. We have a college class together. The last time we went out he said that he’s never been in a serious relationship and he only hooks up. He said that he isn’t looking for a relationship or anything really. I told him I don’t do that. In his car we were talking and he thought we were exclusive. How can you be exclusive with someone and not in a relationship? I told him I did not want to be exclusive with someone I am not in a relationship with and he seemed really upset. Then when I saw him about 5 days later he told me he wants to be

exclusive, again I said no. What is wrong with this guy? Am I wrong for thinking that exclusiveness and relationships are pretty much hand in hand? I don’t even want to date him anymore because obviously we’re not on the same page. I do appreciate his honesty but now he is being very confusing.

Also he thought we were being exclusive and yet he still went to the movies with another girl. What is wrong with this dude? He said nothing happened but I really don’t trust him. I get really bad vibes. It doesn’t matter what happened (I never thought we were exclusive) it just matters if he’s lying.

First of all let me just say that this guy seems immature and juvenile who obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing or just simply wants to play stupid. I have a feeling it’s a little bit of both.

To reiterate your original thoughts, I think everyone in their right mind can agree that being exclusive can only happen if you’re in a committed relationship to begin with. So the fact that he said he thought you guys were exclusive but not in a relationship means he was just playing stupid with you. He opened his mouth too much and said things that he wasn’t supposed to, i.e. “I’ve never been in a relationship and I only hook up”.

What a maroon!

Let me also explain the way the brain of a guy works. A guy will do whatever you want him to do in order to get access to your panties. I assume you haven’t giving it up to him (I could be wrong) in your short 3 week relationship, so the fact that he has come back and said he wants to be exclusive now, really means that he’s willing to do that if that’s what it take for him to be able to get in your pants. Or at least it means he’s willing to make you think he wants to be exclusive, chances are that a guy with his maturity level will most likely still mess around behind your back but this time he will be extra careful to not get caught up again.

You’re doing the right thing by not dating him anymore or giving him a chance to weasel  his way in back into your life. I suggest you ignore him and make it clear there’s no chance of you two ever getting back together and just move on, other wise he most likely sleep with you for a short while or as long as you allow it and then dump you afterward. You definitely don’t want to be in that situation.

I hope this helps, stay focus and don’t let any of his words convince you of anything he says.


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