I was seeing a friend of a friend over the summer. I’m 24 and he’s 29. I knew that he had to go back interstate at the end of the summer, where he lives. We became an item. He left about a month ago and I thought that was the end of it.


He asked me to come up and visit him. I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. He said that he’d been thinking and want to continue seeing me. He wants me to move with him. This is a huge thing for me, I’ve never lived with anyone before, let alone interstate. He doesn’t really understand this. I have no family or friends there. I’d have just him. I feel like this is a lot of pressure. I don’t know how I feel and he isn’t here which doesn’t help.

My last relationship took a lot out of me and I’m scared of being burned again. I also relied probably too much on my ex. I never want to do that again. It feels too early to move in. We also both had bad breakups last year. Am I just rebounding? I do miss him and I don’t know what to do. He gave me an ultimatum to book a ticket by the end of the month, or that’s it. What do I do?


I don’t think you’re seriously looking for an answer here but rather you want to confirm what your gut feeling is telling you. Of course is too damn early to move in with someone who you barely know. Don’t be stupid and let him drag you in to an ultimatum. Who does he think he is to simply tell you to move in with him or that’s the end?

I think this guy is completely out of his mind and you should definitely go with your gut feeling and stay exactly where you’re at right now. Don’t move in and end things with him NOW. These are early signs of a controlling freak. If you give in to his demands right now that would be the end of your life.

Think about it, without anyone you know near by he will have complete control over you and you would have no choice but to listen to him. He will be able to manipulate you in every way and you won’t have anywhere to run to. I really think this guy is BAD NEWS and you should step away and run in the opposite direction.


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