Dear the last honest guy,


I dated my ex for almost a year and everything seemed great. Then out of the blue he phones me and dumps me. He didn’t even have a reason prepared! Then later he texts me and blames everything on me. Then he insults me by saying ” I should’ve dumped you a long time ago”. Callous much? I was a good girlfriend and never cheated, even though I had plenty of opportunity. How could someone who used to love me be so heartless? How cruel can you get? Kind of wish I cheated now.

Answer from The Last Honest Guy

It sounds to me like there might be more to the story than what you know. There’s a strong chance that there’s something else going on here. It definitely doesn’t make sense that a good relationship would suddenly take a twist like this one for no reason.

Have you thought about anyone who might have a vested interest in separating you guys? Family, ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend, etc.

By the sounds of “I should’ve dumped you a long time ago” it tells me that perhaps he found out something about you that he didn’t know before and therefore regrets not seeing the early signs sooner.

I do believe that there’s a misunderstanding here and one thing is for sure, if he’s not willing to give you a chance and explain what he’s talking about there’s not much you can do at this point.

The way I look at this is, if someone doesn’t trust you enough to not believe the first gossip he hears about you and come to you to clarify things before taking action, then that person is not worth your time in the first place.

What kind of person who claims to love you doesn’t have a talk first before throwing it all away?

Well, his decision has been made about the relationship and I would encourage you to move forward and forget about it. I wouldn’t even think of going back to this person if he decides to try to come back. That kind of disrespect is intolerable in my book and you should treat it the same way. Just be happy that you know in your heart that you never did anything wrong except for choosing to be with the wrong guy.

The good news is that he’s out of the picture now and you can start fresh and try to choose a better guy to be with next time around. But please continue to be the same way and don’t change anything when you start a new relationship. I’m sure you’re a good girl and another guy would appreciate that.


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