Met this guy a couple years ago, who lives far away. Was able to see him last summer and now we have been emailing frequently for a few months. It is not flirty, but personal and we are getting to know each other. What is this relationship? Is he into me?

As I’ve mentioned before on previous posts, I never recommend having a long distance relationship ever. If you can avoid getting feelings involved and just think of that relationship as solely friendly you will save yourself from a lot of headaches in the future. It’s best to have the right mind set and never think of this person as anything more than just a guy you know that lives far away. Trust me, there’s plenty of other guys that live close to you that can be potential and perfectly good boyfriends.

What is this relationship? Is he into me?


So, what kind of relationship is it and is he into you? From a guy’s point of you, I will tell you how this kind of relationship is viewed. To him you’re just a girl he knows that lives far away. He has hopes to become good friends with you and increase the possibilities of eventually getting laid when ever you’re in town or visa versus.

Given that you guys only e-mail each other all the time (not sure why you don’t talk?) this relationship is considered a low-maintenance one because he can answer your e-mails when ever is best convenient to him. So that’s perfect, he can slowly get you to really like him based on his personality (“spitting game”) and when ever you guys see each other you’ll be comfortable enough to be willing to give it up. Then he can go back home with his friends and say he has a piece of booty in ________ (whatever town you live in).

So, is he into you? Of course his into you. Enough to be willing to put in the time to write back if it’s going to increase the chances of sex. By the way, don’t bother asking him if he’s only talking to you because he wants to get laid. He will never admit to it. Instead try asking him what he thinks of you. If he says he thinks you’re pretty (or something along those lines) that’s translation for = I would “hit” that.

Unless you’re planning on moving to the town he lives in or he’s moving closer to you, I recommend just keeping him as a friend and nothing more no matter what he says. It’s just the smart thing to do to avoid getting hurt.

I hope this helps and if anyone out there has ever been in a long distance relationship feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.


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