I recently answered a question of a guy that thought he was too ugly and wouldn’t get laid because of it. The truth is the guy was hideous. I believe that just because someone is ugly it doesn’t mean they’ll never get laid. Everyone on earth gets laid and not everyone is good looking. In reality sooner or later everyone gets laid and the only difference is that some have to work harder at it than others. Believe it or not even ugly guys get good looking women.

So I went on to give him a few words of advice. This is what I told him in a nice way:

Dude, when you’re as ugly as you are there’s nothing you can do about your physical appearance with the exception of just staying in shape and losing weight. If you’re trying to be attractive so that you can get chicks and ultimately get laid then luckily for you there are plenty of things you can do to help you and you can be as ugly as you are and still get laid.

First thing to keep in mind is that chicks will put out to anyone regardless of your looks and all you have to do is “accessorize” yourself. By accessorize I mean:

First, Get a haircut! You look like you’re a lazy slob.
Lose the glasses and get contacts or at least only wear them when you really have to.
Wear clothes that are “hip” or “In” whatever girls your age like.
Also, VERY IMPORTANT! Clip your nails, take showers every day, wear deodorant, shave get a new trimmer from http://beardcareshop.com/best-corded-beard-trimmers, wear cologne etc. (Chicks like guys that are clean, and they do notice)
Have new or at least clean shoes and of course coming back to the shaving there are different types of hairstyles even for your armpits so learn the armpit length hairstyles so look clean and neat.
Have the latest gadgets or things that everyone wants. (Don’t be the outcast that doesn’t own an iPod or has the oldest cell phone). Having the latest gadgets will get their attention and will make you more interesting.

Believe it or not chicks like guys that are clean cut, take care of themselves and smell good, it makes a huge difference to them.

Besides accessorizing yourself the single most important thing that will get you laid is to act confident in everything you do. Even if you’re not confident just act like you are. Chicks love a guy that’s confident and secure.

Ok, there, I gave you all you need to be able to get more chicks even if you’re as ugly as you are.

So the bottom line is that anyone can get laid regardless of their looks. Believe me I’ve seen plenty of examples of this and if you don’t believe me just go to the mall on the weekend and sit down on a bench and I bet you that sooner or later you’ll see a good looking chick holding hands with an ugly ass dude walking next to each other kissing and what not. And make sure to pay attention to the guy and maybe you’ll see what I’m talking about.


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