I really like my best friend’s ex and I think he might like me too. So if I try to get together with him I’m not sure how she would feel about it and I’m afraid I might lose my best friend. What do I do?


Let’s just start by saying that if you think that your friend’s ex likes you, you are WRONG! He only wants to have sex with you. So snap out of it and stop thinking that he cares about you because he doesn’t. If you are somewhat good looking or at least better looking than his Ex-girlfriend, of course, he wants you, but not as a girlfriend. Let me just tell you how the mind of a guy works, if you are good looking, we want to hit it. That’s it! So stop being delusional into thinking that there’s something more than that. And yes, he might say that he really likes you, or that the whole time he was with his Ex he really wanted to be with you and now that he’s not with her, he feels is right to pursue you. But that is just a line to make you fall for it. Bottom line is that he only wants to get in your panties and that’s it.

With that said, we guys have a saying that goes; Bro’s before Ho’s. I think you should take this concept and apply it to yourself. Don’t ever trade a quick moment of lust for a friendship, especially if you value that friendship. There are plenty of guys out there and there’s no excuse for betraying your friend like that. After all, if she didn’t want him in the first place, it was probably for a good reason. So what makes you think you’ll be able to start something with him and make it work? Now, if you don’t really care about losing your friend then go ahead and do whatever you need to do. Just don’t be surprised if it turns out to be he just wanted to “hit it and quit it” because chances are, that’s the only thing he wants. Trust me.

Let us know what you think in the comments though! In the meantime, we’ll get right back on track to posting these at the rhythm we were doing before. I have to apologize, as I’m the reason we slowed down. I have a good excuse though! I got very sick. I had to buy oxycodone online and take it for a few days, I was bedridden for a few days, and not feeling great for a few more after that. We’re back on track though, don’t you guys worry.


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