Well, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you don’t know what to buy your boyfriend, husband, guy you like or significant other, right?

Luckily it doesn’t have to be such a hard decision this year because I’ve taken the time to make a list of 10 pretty unique Valentine’s Gifts for Him. In this list you will find gift ideas that range from just a few dollars to some that cost a couple of hundred. Only you can make the decision on what fits for your specific relationship.

I will also give you a current price, a short description of the item and an explanation of why this is a good choice of a gift for a guy. This will certainly cut down your research time and the headache of taking the time of doing it yourself. I know, you can thank me later.

So, lets start!

10. Philips Norelco 8260 CC Men’s Shaving System

A shaving system is always a good gift to give a guy. It’s really annoying to have to shave on a daily basis and having the best possible way of doing this is always welcome. Even if your man already has one, you might want to pay close attention and see if it’s working properly. More often than not some of the cheaper ones tend to get rusty or old and getting a brand new one really makes a big difference. you can’t go wrong with this one.

This particular model is a good one and the reason why I recommend it. There’s lots of different ones out there and it can be difficult to know which one to buy.

Price: $133.99

9.  Abercrombie & Fitch ~ Fierce ~ Cologne

The first two items here are more typical gifts for guys but still a good way to go. A cologne makes for an excellent gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this specific brand but instead something you think he might like.

But how do you know which one to buy?

Here’s a quick tip on how to buy the right one;

a. Start by going through all the ones he currently owns and get an idea of what type of colognes he really likes.

b. Then go down to your local mall and ask the person at the counter to show you the latest cologne for guys and tell him the age range of your man.

c. Make sure to write down the exact name and maker of the cologne and take it with you.

d. Last, go online and find the best possible deal for that cologne. Usually you’re able to find a much better deal online.

Price: $47.50

8. It’s a Guy Thing Gift Basket

Now, guys don’t really like gift baskets but if you really want to go down that route or maybe just want to find something nice that complements another more masculine gift you might have, this is it. This basket is made up of things most guys like.

It Includes a shirt and tie decorated vanilla cookie, a cigar shaped chocolate filled cookie, peanut brittle chocolates, honey mustard pretzel nuggets, chocolate pecan cookies, and a milk chocolate cashew cream bar.

Price: $39.99

7. HARDON Cologne

Here’s another not so common type of gift. It’s called the HARDON Cologne and even though it is an actual cologne for guys, this one can be use in a different way. You can easily give this to your man and at the same time indicate that the night will have a “happy ending”. It’s a great way to make the night a lot more interesting than your typical Valentine’s dinner.  I should also add that you can also buy a matching condom to go with it and from the reviews I’ve read, it seems to smell quite good too.

Price: $19.99

6. Jack Daniel’s Flask/Case/Shot/Funnel Gift Set

Every guy out there has a favorite kind of alcoholic drink and luckily just about every major brand makes products with their logos and trademarks on them. It shouldn’t be very hard to figure out which one is his favorite and by simply looking for those items you can easily pick out a gift that you know he will love. Popular items includes things, like mugs, flasks and even boxers. So do a little bit of research and find the perfect one for him.

Price: $46.14

5. Boxee Box by D-Link

This is a gadget that I guarantee any guy would love. You can never go wrong with giving a guy the latest gadget out there that you  know he’ll love and use.

The Boxee Box gives you the freedom to watch what you want. It’s thousands of TV shows ready to watch, instantly. It’s tons of free movies, Hollywood blockbusters, and critically acclaimed films. It’s web-only videos from Funny or Die or College Humor. It’s your videos, your Pandora and Facebook feeds somewhere they’ve never been before – your HDTV: organized, simplified and enjoyed from the comfort of your couch in 1080p. No keyboard or mouse required.

I should also mention that there’s other alternatives out there like the Apple TV, Roku Box or the new Google TV by Logitech. They all do essentially the same thing which is get the internet on your TV but each one is slightly different and also vary in price. If I had to pick I would choose this one.

Price: $199.00

4. Sex Scratchers

This is also a fun gift that’s ideal for Valentine’s day. Get your game on with Baby’s Got Blackjack! Dig for bedroom gold with Pirate’s Booty! Get down with Dirty Dice! With 100 chances to win, these sexy scratch tickets give a whole new meaning to lotto fever!

It can also be a good additional gift to one of the other ones I’ve mentioned and it’s quite cheap too. This can give you something fun to do after Valentine’s dinner and change the routine.

Price: $9.95

3. Sexopoly

This is a great board game for everyone who enjoys intimate & sexy games. This is your chance to lose those inhibitions and have some fun! Designed to be played to the level you are comfortable with. Can be played with 2 players as a couple or up to 8 players who are very good friends A totally different experience each time you play providing memories that will last a life time Suitable for Adults ages 18 and older

Price: $48.95

2. Sling Media Slingbox PRO-HD

If you really want to make an impact this Valentine’s then the Slingbox is the perfect gift. Watch and control your live and recorded TV on your laptop or desktop. Watch and control on your mobile phone – supports Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Palm OS-based mobile devices. Supports high-definition video in the home or over the Internet. Multiple inputs for connections to up to 3 devices, such as a DVR, cable set top box, satellite receiver or DVD player. Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner and no monthly fees.

You really can’t go wrong with this gift for your man and I’m sure all his buddies will think he has the best woman in the world.

Price: $261.95 (reg. $299)

1. Escante Women’s Polka Dot Baby Doll

I’m going to let you in on a little secret (not so secret) and tell you that guys are generally not too excited about Valentine’s Day and really don’t look forward to it. About the only thing they really hope for is to get laid that night and nothing else. For that reason probably the best gift of all for a guy would be to buy yourself a nice and sexy lingerie for that night and of course finish the night in the bedroom.

By the way, this doesn’t have to be an expensive lingerie. Really just about any of them will do as long as you look really good and sexy that night. Of course you can go to some of these expensive places like Victoria’s Secret or one of the other ones but what I’m trying to tell you is that the brand does NOT make any difference to a guy. In fact, most guys don’t even know or care about brands as longs as you look stunning. This specific one I’m using as an example is inexpensive and a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Price: $20.15 – $37.00

In case you’re wondering if I’ve made this list in any specific order, I have and number 1 represents the best gift for a guy on Valentine’s. Of course you could also mix and match any of the 10 gifts I’ve just mention to make it an absolutely perfect way to celebrate that day. If you do, I can almost guarantee that even your man will be looking forward to Valentine’s Day next year (OK maybe I’m exaggerating).

Well, what are you giving your man this Valentine’s? What ever it is, have a great Valentine’s Day!


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