I am 13yrs old, and a Caucasian female.


He is 13yrs old, a Caucasian male.


My best guy friend and I have known each other forever. We dated 7 months ago, but it didn’t last long. It has never been awkward between us.


We talk about everything, and tell each other everything. We have pretty much no secrets. He has told me he likes another girl, but he doesn’t act like it.


He always puts his arm around me and hugs me and holds my hand in class, even though we are not dating. We’re always staring at each other in class. All our classmates and even our teachers think we are dating, but we aren’t.


He only acts this way with me, not with the girl he likes. With the girl he says he likes, he barely talks to her or looks at her. He is NOT a shy person at all.


He recently sent me a marriage request on facebook, and I accepted. He is always telling me about how he always wants to be with me, watch movies together, and he wants to see me right in the morning and right before I go to bed, without makeup on and looking like a mess.


I like him more than a friend, and he knows that, but he has been acting this way for quite some time.


Does he like me back?


I really think he likes you to a certain degree. Due to the fact that he knows you really like him, he thinks you’re always going to be there for when ever he wants. He doesn’t see you as someone who could like another guy besides him and therefore he doesn’t think he can ever lose you.

At the same time he knows you so well and gets along with you that you might be stuck in the “Friends Zone” and he sees you as buddy and not a young woman. He might think of you as one more of the guys but better because he can hug you and hold your hand, which are things he wouldn’t be able to do with an actual guy.

I’m afraid that the only solution to your problem is to snap out of it and set your eyes on someone else. If you do this he will notice that he is NOT the only one and will suddenly feel like his losing you. This will give you an indication of whether or not he actually likes you.

You can even just pretend to like someone else so that you can see his reaction and know if he likes you or not. Keep in mind that if you do this and you realize that he DOESN’T like you it might cause you to be really disappointed. So do this at your own risk.

Good luck.


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