My ex and I have known each other for 16 years. dated for 81/2 yrs. He left me a year ago. I went no contact for about the whole year. I was pretty devastated. He then started to get in touch with me. Fast forward to now. We recently slept together a few times. He has made it clear he still has feelings for me. I’ve been pretty casual about it because I don’t want to pressure him & he’s in school full time. Sunday I was at a concert by myself & he texted me asking to help him watch his dog. I told him where I was & he flipped out on me. He said I’m doing “gay ****” all the time.that all his friends are there for him & I haven’t been & that he’ll never ask me for help again. I was shocked cause I’m always there.Even after everything that’s happened between us.”You’re clearly moving on & doing stupid ****. I’ll do my thing,you do yours, whatever it is this time” Hes ignored me all month. His response was he’s busy with work & school & his bands. Then he says “I’d always be there for you if you asked, you have not been. I told him I’d help him & like an idiot left the concert. he stopped answering his phone & was like “I have **** to do bye my phones dyn” so I said “thanks for making me feel like a one night stand, the nights we spent together actually meant something to me. I’m not moving on I’m in love with you asshole” haven’t talked to him since.Whats his problem? All cause I went to a concert? Any men out there that can tell me why he’s so cruel. I feel like a sucker.


You are a sucker! The guy you just described has some serious issues and you still say you’re in love with him… let me think here… hum.

Yes, you are a sucker. Quite frankly, I’m starting to think you may have some serious issues as well. Nobody in their right mind puts up with that kind of abuse. Plain and simple, IT’S WRONG! Please get some self-esteem and move on. You’re already out of that relationship and that’s a good first step. Leaving him as year ago was the best thing that could happen to you. Take advantage of it and never ever go back with this guy.


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