Dear, Thelasthonestguy


I DON’T GET THIS DUDE! Ok first of all this dude is the same everything as me (except in size). He’ll go out with someone the same complexion as me, now he goes with this girl that is the same size as me. Then he went out with this one girl that looks exactly like me (in the face),etc. And We go to a high school that puts you in a group and you have to go to all your classes with that group so I know he knows I’m here. I catch him looking at me like every five minutes or ten. But earlier in the year when I had my friend ask him did he like me he told everybody just a plain and simple NO. And every time he encounters me he does something kinda dumb to say (ex.*brings baby powder to my desk* and says “do you want some crack” or acts like he is about to punch me in the shoulder or kicks me). I am twice as pretty as any of the girls he dates and most of the time he tells his best friend (my cousin) that he does even like them. And he doesn’t know it but I have a BIG crush on him (not stalker type). Well basically what I want to know is does he like me? And why does keep going out with those girls instead of the real thing? (the fact that they’re just like me).

I think there’s a strong chance that this boy really like you. The reason he might be going out with other girls that resemble you is because he like that type of girl. I don’t think he necessarily chooses girls that are like you on purpose but rather pick girls that are his type which also happen to look like you. In other words, you’re his type and that’s good news for you. You might have a chance to be with this boy if that’s the case.

In addition, another reason why he might not go out with you is because he might be intimidated by your looks or your personality. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.

You also mentioned his best friend is also your cousin and there’s a strong chance that out of respect for him, he’s not willing to break his friendship for you. Often times that’s called the “man code” and a common part of the man code says to always put your friends before any female. In other words; bros before hoes.

What you might want to do is perhaps talk to your cousin and tell him to set you guys up. If your cousin knows that you also like him then he might give him the OK to date you. Also, he might just warn you that he’s not the guy for you. If you’re cousin cares about you then he will also look after you and won’t want to put you in a situation where you might get hurt. They are best friends, so he might know some things about this boy that you don’t and you should really listen to what he has to say.

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