Dear last honest guy,

I’ve been seeing this guy for two weeks or so and last Thursday night we hooked up and he came back to mine where we had sex. I saw him on Saturday night at a party and we went back to my friend’s house to watch a movie. He left and said that he’d drop me home in the morning, but he ended up “chilling” at his friend’s place. Since then he’s been very MIA. I just want to know where we stand, as we decided we were friends with benefits. He said he’d make it up to me for not driving me home, but he hasn’t contacted me in two days. What should I do? Thank you!!!


I’ll tell you where you stand; YOU’RE A FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS! A BOOTY CALL!

This means you only hook up when is convenient for the two of you and there’s absolutely no feelings involved.

You should leave him alone and only contact him when you want to hook up. Most importantly don’t get your feelings involved cause you WILL get hurt.


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