Have you ever heard of Tom Leykis?

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t, he’s been gone for the last 3 years. But don’t worry you now have the chance again to get to know him and find out what he’s all about.

Tom Leykis is a radio host who has been described as a “shock jock” due to the fact that he’s brutally honest and it’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He’s been on the air for over 20 years and has had a syndicated show for a long time before being taken off the air due to the station’s format change. I’m not going to go on and on about who he is, you can google his name and find out if you want to.

Why am I writing about Tom Leykis you ask?

Very simple, most of the loyal fans of The Last Honest Guy come here to get a true perspective on the way guys really think. Well, if you truly enjoy real honesty and like to know how most guys think, here’s another example and good way to get proof of what you read on this blog.

For those of you who often get offended by the things you read on here and just can’t believe most guys think the way I put it on most of my posts you can now listen to Tom’s new online show and hear it for yourself. Tom can be heard live weekdays at 3pm Pacific in a number of ways; either through his website www.newnormalnetwork.com or www.blowmeuptom.com and also on any smart phone with the tunein app by searching Tom Leykis.

Keep in mind that when you listen to the show you are mostly hearing an opinion. Yes I said an OPINION! What that means is that there’s always exceptions to every rule and you certainly don’t have to agree with everything Tom says or any of the callers for that matter. Yes, expect to be pissed off and disagree as you often do about the things I write on here but none the less it’s still a portal to the true thoughts of men and a good resource for anyone who can’t seem to understand guys.

Just remember that it’s OK to disagree with his opinion, I certainly do on some subjects. For the most part, I think that everything he says makes a lot of sense and he certainly has a lot of facts to support it.


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