I’ve been dating this guy for 8 months. Everything was going great. He’s 23. We starting hooking up after he broke up w/ his ex and I the same. We would go out every week or just share a movie at his place. Recently he started opening up about his feeling and said that “he were growing and learning each other and could see me with him in the future. Shortly after that he started calling me less often and then all communication just stopped. No answers to txts or calls. What did I do wrong?

Answer from The Last Honest Guy

When something like this happens, I truly believe that there’s more to the story than you know. A guy wouldn’t just stop calling a girl after 8 months of dating for no apparent reason.

Possible reason this might happen might be:

  1. He might be really sick or in the hospital
  2. He might be in jail
  3. He wasn’t that into you and had a real girlfriend other than you.
  4. You’re not telling me the whole truth and there’s more to this.

Anyways, whatever the reason might be I would assume that after 8 months of dating someone you would at least know more information about this person other than his phone number. I would start by calling one of his friends or family members and ask if he’s ok. Also, you might want to visit him at his house or work. If he’s not at any of those places and no one knows about him, then something seriously wrong happened to him and you should call the cops.

If you don’t know any of the above information about the guy you were “dating” for 8 months, than you WEREN’T REALLY DATING HIM. At this point I think it’s over and it’s time to move on.


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