Okay, so I’m 18 and  I started talking to this guy about a week ago. We went to high school together but never talked. We’ve been texting everyday since he randomly messaged me. I was confused on how he felt about me cause one second he’d be flirting with me and then he wouldn’t text me back for hours and then start up a conversation again. Last night, he wanted me to come over and watch movies. He cleaned his room and even got my my favorite chocolate bar. He didn’t act like he liked me at all, but as the night went on, we were holding hands, cuddling, and we made out. After a hot make out session, he went right back to acting like he had no interest. No kissing, no hand holding, nothing. The next morning, he made his mom, brother and I breakfast and we all sat together. But he still wasn’t showing any interest. Then, before my cab came, we started flirting again and goofing off, like he was saying he could make me eat grass and we were wrestling. I have absolutely NO idea how he feels. I like him but I wanna know if he likes me or if he’s just looking for a hook up. I don’t want to ask cause I’m honestly a little scared… what do you think??!


It really sounds like this guys likes you. Normally guys wouldn’t go through everything you described if they were not into you. That said, generally guys that are around 18 years old and still live at home are not looking for a long term relationship and most certainly wouldn’t mind just hooking up with you.

Best thing to do is to get to know him for as long as it takes in order for you to be convinced and clear on the kind of relationship he’s looking for. Stop being so easy and maybe value yourself a little more until you really get to know this person. Remember that you’re gambling on your own feelings here and you do not want to get hurt. I hope that helps.


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