So, there is this guy and we were friends over the summer but slowly grew apart. One night I wasn’t myself and I freaked out at him because I felt like he didn’t care and didn’t even want to be my friend. The next couple weeks I ignored him when he came up to me in the halls and I would avoid him as much as I could cause I didn’t want to face him.


He soon started to leave me alone and I started slowly talking to him a little more but it was pretty awkward. Another night I was talking to my best friends ex boyfriend (they were still together at the time) and I was telling him that the guy wanted to steal my best friend from him because that’s what I had heard from some other people including his really good friend. The next day my friends ex told the other guy what I said and nothing has been the same, I am friends with some of his friends and they all tell me that he hates me and thinks I am annoying and he never talks to me in the halls. I have tried to apologize but he blocked my number (I think) and I can’t get up the courage to face him in person. He talks to my friends but never even gives me on glance. I get messages from his friends that i am not friends asking if I like him just to piss me off but, I don’t know if


there is an actual reason behind it other than that. I miss talking to him and I really still like him but there are soo many reasons why I shouldn’t like him and it hurts to see him and know that he pretty much hates my guts. I am usually really good at getting over guys but not with him. I feel like there is a reason why I can’t get over him and so I am waiting it out. Should I give up on him or keep fighting for him? If I should give him up then how do I move on? If keep fighting then how do I get him back? Please help!

Sounds to me like you’ve done way too much damage to even have a chance at getting him back, specially in a school environment. The best thing to do here is to act like an adult and talk to this guy in person, apologize and get closure on this relationship. Afterwards, just keep doing what you were doing by avoiding the places he’s at. Also, start talking to other guys so that you keep your thoughts busy and not think about him. Give it some time and you’ll soon be over him.


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