So last night at the MTV Movie Awards Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlet Johansson and now everyone is talking about it (including us). It seem like the whole thing was just to get publicity but some are saying that Sandra Bullock was trying to send Jesse James a message to say “look at what you’re missing”.

Well, I’m not here to talk about how crazy and shocking this was (cause it wasn’t, it’s been done many times before) or if she was trying to get back at Jesse James. What I’m here to say is that if in fact she was aiming this towards Jesse James then it was useless and it probably meant nothing to him.

Let’s start by saying that in general most men don’t care if you kiss other women, in fact sometimes we enjoy watching. To say that Sandra Bullock was trying to get Jesse James jealous is ridiculous. Besides, in this specific case we have to consider the fact the Sandra Bullock is an actress and I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Jesse James doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her kissing other people, he’s used to seeing her make out with every guy in all the movies she makes.

The same goes to us regular guys; it doesn’t get us jealous to see our ex-girlfriends kissing another girls. The reason is simple, we don’t feel threaten by other women at all. Women can’t do absolutely anything that a man can’t do and in fact men can do lots of things that women can’t. When kissing another woman, men can relate (specially if the other girl is hot) and it doesn’t bother us. I guess what I’m trying to tell you ladies is that if you kiss another girl in front of your ex with the intention to get him jealous, then try thinking of something else cause that won’t do the trick. Not even kissing another guy that’s better looking than us works (that only works with women). Try kissing a guy that we hate. Now that would definitely get us upset and mad but not sure about jealous, but I guess is sort of the same idea.


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