So, the title of this post seems a little bit weird. The reason I’m writing this post is simply to tell all of you why I give relationship advice which by the way it’s also free. A lot of what I’m going to tell you guys can be found in my about page of this website. However, looking at the stats of my site I realize that not very many people take the time to read it. It’s understandable, we’re all really busy. Really I’m just thankful that you at least take the time to read some of my post.

As this site continues to grow, I feel it’s necessary to remind all my loyal readers and the new ones why I do this.

So, what’s the real reason I like and enjoy giving free relationship advice?

The main reason I do this is because over the last 15 years of my life I’ve spent countless hours doing field research and analysis on interracial dating and human behavior and interaction with the opposite sex. As a result I’ve been one of the most influential figures to many people’s lives. I’ve helped thousands of people with their relationship problems as well as with everyday social issues with their peers.

Through personal experience, field research and formal studies I’ve managed to become pretty good at it. One of the best indicators of this, is when people come back and thank me for helping them.

From the feedback of many people it’s clear that people appreciate my complete honesty and advice when it comes to their relationship problem.

I feel that a lot of people now a day have become extremely fake with each other and everyone is really just looking out for themselves. For one reason or another they’re never really true to their own, so called friends. A lot of the time people simply think that by telling other people what they want to hear or what they think is the “right thing to say” somehow makes them a better friend not realizing it really provides absolutely no value or help to the other person.

My main goal

A few months back, when I decided to take my knowledge and experience and try to reach a lot more people through the power of the internet. I started this site and begin to offer my services completely free of charge (many people charge) to everyone who needs it.

My main target is women and my main goal is to help them better understand their current/future boyfriend or husband. Through the years I’ve noticed that a lack of communication by men is one of the biggest problems in relationships. What everyone has to understand is that men are not raised to be open with their feelings. We’re raised to be tough and not let our sensitive side come out because if we do we will be categorized as weak by our peers. The problem is that we implement this believe to our entire life and therefore it also impact our relationships with women.

My main goals is to help enough women understand and see the perspective of a guy in certain situations. I also intend to provide a window to the true thought process of guys. I hope that by doing this women can become aware of how guys really think and then make better decisions when it comes to picking the right life long partner. After all, the more accurate information you have on hand, the better you can make a decision, right?

I have a very honest and straight forward approach to telling people my opinion as well as the kind of advice I give. When reading my posts, think of them as listening in to a guy’s conversation when he’s around his buddies. What you find here is the way we think, the way we talk and the terminology we use. Since I don’t personally know you, I really have no bias interest in being liked by you or lying to you about your situation. This allows me to be able to just speak the truth and be completely honest. No sugar-coating and no soft-answers.

I will say this, if you’re an overly sensitive person, this is probably the wrong website for you. It will probably piss you off or offend you so I recommend you move on. This website is only for realistic people who have an open mind, accept constructive criticism and are truly committed to improving their life.

In addition, I feel that guys usually put on a face when they first meet you but after a while their true personality comes out and often problems begin. Although this is true for women too, I can’t give you the true perspective of a woman but I can give you the perspective of a men.

Final thought because I already bored you enough

I hope this gives you a better perspective as to the purpose of this website. I encourage everyone to participate one way or another. If something is ever bothering you about my site please let me know. I value everyone’s opinion and any feedback is greatly appreciate it. I will always try to satisfy everyone who reads my site and therefore your thoughts and concerns become my priority.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, facebook or subscribe to my RSS feed. Please leave me any questions or concerns bellow in the comment section. Or if you simply want to say hi, that’s OK too. Thank you.


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