mere husband aksar late night party karte hai.jis se main behad pareshan rahti hu.ek baar jab kaafi nashe me the,kuch behad buri bate bad bada rahe the.unhe hosh nahi tha.kapde adhe khule the.maine pyar se unhe confidence me liya aur pucha,to bataya ki wo regularly prostitutes k paas jate hain.aur abhi wahi se a rahe hain.main shoked hu.i dont know,what t o do abt this.i cant bear with the morning he had no idea what he did past night.

Answer from The Last Honest Guy

Well, quite honestly I don’t understand what everything in this question says. However, I am a committed person to what I do and I will attempt to answer it to the best of my abilities. I really wish it was in English.

From what I can pick up here and there it sounds like you have a husband who likes to go out late at night and party like an animal. So much that he doesn’t even remember what he did the night before. It also appears that his partying is so bad to the point where he might be engaging with prostitutes.

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that and unfortunately it sounds like you picked the wrong man to be with. Also, when he says he doesn’t remember what he did the night before that’s a lie. No matter how drunk someone gets there’s always some memories of the night before. There might be a moment or two where the memories might be a bit blurry but to say he doesn’t remember anything it’s a LIE.

My advice to you is to leave him because you’re only going to suffer more and more if you stay by his side. Since you are a housewife I assume you don’t work at all so you need to take things slow and plan your get away. I would recommend finding a job first so that you don’t depend so much on him and later leave for good.

I know in your culture a divorce might be difficult to do and be accepted but you need to do it. Start by talking to your family members and making them understand what you’re going through. Hopefully they’ll offer to help you and you can get a place to stay.

If you have kids with this guy then that’s another battle you will need to face. Don’t be intimidated by him and don’t get scarred by any threats he might make. They all do this in order to keep control over women. But do prepare yourself for a legal battle.

I’m not sure if you reside in the US, but if you do I recommend you read this POST I wrote about domestic violence and resources for women where you can get help and assistance. Good luck.

By the way, if anyone understands the whole question above please let me know if I was close or what it says. Thanks.


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