I just met guy a few weeks ago. Hes 12 yrs older then me by the way. We both seem pretty similar. Were looking for the same qualities and traits in a partner. He’s old fashion as far as how a relationship should operate. He believes the man should where the pants in the relationship and have the last say so and a woman should know her place. Cant say I disagree with him. I’m pretty much submissive and like a man who takes charge. Now the only thing I have found disturbing is he said if woman cheats on him or lays a finger on him he ll put his hands on her. I asked if he was serious and he said yes. That he wanted to be upfront about because he didn’t want to be called a liar. He said she doesn’t get mad easily. And little things don’t set him off. Now do I respect his honesty and keep pursuing him or run for the hills?


First lets address my first concern, he is 12 years older then you, that may not seam to far apart right now but that may bring up different issues down the road. If you are thinking of having a serious and extensive relationship, that means that you are going to experience things at different times when it comes to aging. It will only take more effort and work to understand each other.

Now, to attend to you question, it is good that he is being honest with you about that, but you should run for the hills if you are the type of person that will attempt the stupid physical confrontation with someone bigger and stronger then you. Also, if you are someone contemplating cheating and that is why your  apprehensive about this, then you are not mature enough to be an a relationship. Bottom line, it is wrong for anyone to put their hands on an other person with out their consent in some way, whether you are male or female!


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