So I have a question. This guy I talk dirty with through texting and messaging said something weird to me today. He asked for a dirty pic last night and I reluctantly sent him one but it was a couple months old as I said I couldn’t snap one last night. (I was on my period if that helps). Anyways I was a little embarrassed to send it so this morning I text him and told him to erase it and he said it was awesome and that his sickness stops at getting his red wings. Like I know what red wings means with oral sex but I have no idea what he meant by that statement. Help guys. I haven’t heard back from him yet so I have no answer. Why would he say that??? It’s not like I sent him a pic of it like “that”?


If I’m understanding correctly, it seems to me that you may have hinted that you were on your period by saying “you couldn’t send one right now”. Think about it, it’s only obvious that a reason why you can’t send a dirty pic at that moment might be because it’s that time of the month.

If anyone else gets’s a different meaning from reading the above question, feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


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