My ex started to “hang out” with his ex after he broke up with me. I don’t understand this sort of behavior because we did didn’t end it on bad terms but I feel like he’s doing this to purposely piss me off. During the relationship his ex messaged him to get together but he passed it off cause he was in a relationship and didn’t want to make things complicated. Right after we broke up from a relationship of 2 years he goes to a party where this ex gf of his is at and starts talking to her a lot after. He brought her to one of my best friend’s clothing store and knew that friend would text me about it (and he did in the end). Fast forward to a few months later they are now on vacation together and he posted a picture of him and her and I don’t know if they’re dating. Why would a guy do this? Is it purposely to get my attention and make me mad?

I’m not too sure if you misspelled the second sentence of your question and you meant to say “you didn’t end on bad terms” but it seems like that’s what you meant to say. Either way I will answer your question.

If you guys did end on bad terms, then the answer is obvious that he’s definitely trying to make you mad and get you jealous.

On the other hand, I’m going to assume that you meant to say you guys didn’t end on bad terms and so your questions will now make a lot more sense as for why you’re confused about his behavior. With that said, I do believe that you’re giving it too much thought and attention to his behavior which I find a bit odd of your part. If you guys are broken up, than why should you even care about what he does? He’s free to do whatever he wants and go to what ever place he wants to. He doesn’t owe you anything and I truly believe you might still have feelings for this guy.

You have absolutely no reason to get mad at him for dating someone else. And yes, if he went on vacation with this girl, that means they’re probably dating. So what?

As I said before, you seem to be the one who is not over the relationship and as a result it’s causing you to over think the situation. If you were over him, you wouldn’t even acknowledge his existence let alone who he dates or goes on vacation with. Those are just normal activities of someone who’s single or is dating someone else. So, don’t worry about it.

My advice to you is to ignore him completely and tell your friends to stop telling you every move he makes. What’s the point? This guy is not with you anymore and he can do whatever he wants. What is he supposed to do, avoid every possible place that you or your friends might be at? C’mon, that’s ridiculous specially after being with you for 2 years, I’m sure you guys have lots of common places you both like to go to. Just move on and don’t worry about what he does. He has no reason to try to make you mad and you have no reason to get mad either, you guys are nothing at this point. Just act more mature and don’t create unnecessary drama.

I hope this helps.


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