I started college a year ago, during that period I met a guy I went to high school with but never talked to. Now we are in the same group of friends, but we always flirted from the moment we met. One time after a few drinks and coming back from the club he kissed me…a few days later we had sex, he was my first. At first it was casual, nothing serious. But now we text all the time, he doesn’t see anyone else, we tell each other we miss each other, we hold hands whenever we go to the mall. He pays when i go out..he even cleaned my car once without me asking. And one time, when we were both a bit drunk he said that he was “gonna stay with me”..but i didn’t take it seriously at the time cause i was drunk. It’s been like this for almost months but he has made no attempt at asking me out or date…i have no idea what is going on…help please?


It sounds like this guy really likes you. Everything you said he has done for you is not something a guys does when he only wants sex. With that said, he’s probably happy to be in a casual relationship with you and get laid on a regular basis. Guy’s do not like to be tie down to a relationship if they can avoid it.

In all honesty, you are both young and really don’t need to be in a committed relationship right now. Why be in one?  What’s going to happen when you both graduate and have to move to different cities if a good opportunity comes your way? You’re either going to let a good opportunity go away or you’re going to have to break up the relationship at that point. My advice; don’t get yourself in those types of situations.


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