What he was doing. no idea why, but he did.). I texted him telling him to drive safe since he has bad night vision and I was going to bed. He texted me back and told me that i was a really nice sweet pretty woman but he didn’t think the feelings were the same. He said I was a great mom with two wonderful kids. He said he would just disappear and he was sorry for wasting my time and that there was someone good out there for me. He blocked me on fb, removed his dating profile and is ignoring my texts and phone calls. We never talked about any feelings, we just considered each other good friends. I would have dated him if had asked. He loved kids, so that wasn’t the problem. He has a stressful life due to the fact that his dad has a lot of issues that he has to put up with. He also got out of a bad relationship on the summer of 13. But my question is…. Why? Everything was perfect and he just went . I mean, was he scared? He didn’t say he wasn’t interested. We both agreed however we were looking for a long term relationship. I’m worried, as a friend. What do I do? How can I tell if he didn’t like me, or was scared???


Obviously the details you have provided are very limited for me to be able to say what exactly happened. One thing is very clear however, this guys made a decision that he doesn’t want anything to do with you and that’s the reality. No need to be a stalker or try to have any contact with him at this point because he’s not coming back. He has completely disappeared and it wasn’t an accident, it was planned.


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