I went out one day to hang out with my friends and we went to the bowling alley. I saw this really hot guy that works there, let’s call him “Jeff.” He’s 30. So I find out that he’s this guy that was always asking my friend out(she works at the bowling alley, too) and they were telling me about him before, I just had no idea who he was. So my friend told me that she would always reject him when he asked, he even asked her to go to Barcelona with him (I dunno if that true or not, kinda weird, eh?). But, yeah so I guess he stopped asking eventually. So, I still thought he was an attractive guy even after I discovered he was that guy. I just had no idea that he’d be into me. So “Jeff” tells my friend to give me his number. But I never call him. So a couple of week pass by and then he finds me on facebook through a mutual friend (I commented on her status and I guess he saw that it was me). So he says “Hey, lets hang out” in his friend request. I don’t answer back for a couple of days and then all of a sudden I decide to send him a message (which I totally regret later). I just write “Hey.” and so he writes me back the next say, which surprises me, and he says “I wanna meet you, we should hang out this weekend maybe? here’s my #” So this is where my dilemma comes in! I am soooo shy! I’ve never really had a boyfriend before, I’ve had people I’ve been close with but it was never really anything official. But I’m like so shy, and that’s why I regret even saying anything to him in the first place. I do not know how to date. I will make a fool of myself. And I’m convinced that he may be using me because he feels rejected. I’m also on the plus side, so I have my doubts. I know none of this probably made any sense, but I need some advice please!



By the time you read this, that weekend you mentioned probably went by already but  nevertheless I hope you went on that date after all.

Here’s a few pointer for any future dates:

  • The important thing to remember when going on a date is to always be yourself. Don’t try to pretend to be different just to get the other person to like you. You wont be able to pretend to be that way forever and things will go south after your true personality comes out.
  • Also, remember to never give in to anything you’re not comfortable doing. You will end up regretting it later, specially if things don’t work out. You will feel used.
  • If you have the choice to go anywhere on a date, you might want to pick a place you’re familiar with. This way you’ll at least be confident knowing that you’re in a familiar place as opposed to a completely new and unknown one.
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in. It will help boost up your confidence.
  • Have a phone conversation (or two) prior to your date. It will help to get to know the other person and it won’t feel like you’re going out with a complete stranger.
  • Finally, even if you’re shy, don’t act shy! It’s boring to go out with someone who you can’t even have a conversation with because they’re too shy.

Well, I hope my tips can at least help you out a little in any future dates you may have.

If anyone else have any additional tip they may want to add to mine, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Cheers!


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