Well at first he was really shy around me. and could barely look at me or even smile. So i was the one who manned up and went to go talk to him. here’s the story:

I was currently at the gym..lifting weights. He was really close to me lifting weights as well. so when he stopped and took a break i went over to talk to him. i asked him” am i doing this right?” (as in lifting the weights) he couldn’t stop smiling at me/ laughing..and said “Totally. your like a pro. i should be asking you this kinda stuff” then i smiled and said thanks. he kept complimenting on how flexible i was.. so i told him thanks. and he said he wants me to teach him how to stretch tomorrow.. so i said okay! I’ll teach you! then he started talking about school..then he said that he wants me to do yoga with him on Thursday!!

well what do you think?

Definitely the guy is into you, but lets define the difference between what that means for guys and girls. Being into someone for girls generally means that someone seems interested in them and that there could be possibilities of a future relationship. In other words it means that a guy is diggin’ you. Am I right? I think so.

But let’s analyze this from a guy’s point of view. So a decent looking girl (I’m just assuming you’re at least decent looking because you go to the gym) approaches a guy at the gym and starts flirting with him. He takes advantage of the situation and starts flirting back. This is nothing new, only a moron would let that go. What more can a guy ask for, it took no effort from his part to start talking to this girl. All he has to do now is capitalize on the opportunity.

And so he does, like the pro that he seems to be, he secures a second meeting for the next day right away and I’m sure he also got you’re number, because how else would you guys get in touch to meet up the next day? This is great!

On top of things, he has also complemented the heck out of everything and anything you’re doing. We all know women love complements, specially when they seem genuine and natural. Good job.

So what does all this translate to in the eyes of a guy?

That’s what I’m here for and keep in mind that although there are some guys that would see it a bit different, for the most part this is the way most guys feel. At this point all we’re thinking is that this girl desperately wants to get laid and of course we’ll be there to help her out. At the same time we want to get laid too. So its a perfect match.

But don’t get discourage, we think about getting laid 24/7, it’s normal. By no means I’m saying this can’t turn into a relationship, it’s completely possible and it usually happens when we get to know a girl and determine that she’s girlfriend material. But at this point if you think he’s thinking along those lines, you’re delusional. He’s definitely thinking “Hit-it and Quit-it for sure.


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