I’ve recently ran into my high school / college boyfriend…
Can U help me read his actions?
Are these guy behaviors considered flirting?

1 He totally stopped working and walked over to speak to me.
2 He shook my hand TWICE.
3 He spoke my full name really loudly like he was amazed.
4 He asked if I still lived on the same street I used to.
5 He asked if I ever had kids.

I’m curious if he wants back with me.
And yes, I’d take him back.

We separated over career choices not personalities.
(He moved with his job but he’s back now.)

How do you read this event?

All these actions you have described are actually just normal behavior that anyone would do or say after not seeing a person for a long time. I truly believe that your are seeing beyond what’s really there. The fact that you really want this guy back is making you imagine all these thought that at this point really mean nothing.

When a guy sees a girl that he hasn’t seen in a long time (specially one that he has a history with) the thought process goes something like this:

  • First thing he thinks about is; How does she look?
  • After he analyzes the physical appearance of this person, he then makes a decision whether to act on it or let it go.
  • If she’s a least decent looking or “bonable” he at least makes an effort to go say hi. Talk for a minute and try to obtain some kind of contact information to pursue the opportunity later.
  • If she has gone from good to bad, he’ll try to ignore her as much as possible although sometimes it becomes inevitable to do so. At this point he’s forced to make conversation and since the only thing to talk about is the past, he’ll proceed to do so. He’ll end it on a nice note and say things like; “it was nice seeing ya” or “I’ll see ya around”.
Based on the information you gave me, nothing really implies that he likes you or not.

You didn’t mentioned anything about giving him your number or him asking for it, which really worries me because unless you’re the one who takes the initiative and go by his work again, there won’t be any other common place where you can continue working on a possible relationship.

A phone number, e-mail, or any social media account info exchange would have been a good indicator that he wants something more but unfortunately this didn’t happen. Some times a guy does have a brain fart and let’s an opportunity like this one go unintentionally. So there might be some hope.

What I suggest you do, is go by his job again and do some good old fashion flirting. See how he reacts and wait for him to ask you for your number or maybe even out on a date. Please don’t ask him for his number yourself or give him yours on a piece of paper. This only makes you look desperate and in the eyes of a guy this means you want to bone. If he doesn’t ask for some kind of contact number, then just forget about the whole thing because at the end I guarantee you’ll be disappointed and maybe even hurt.

I think you got excited too soon. Does anyone think I’m wrong?


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