I have been dating my guy for almost 5 years, lived with him for 4.

Here’s the problem: I crave his attention, his body, his opinion…I want all of him as much as possible, yet I’m sensitive to his cues of “Go the F*&K away and leave me alone” which is…most of the time.

I had problems in the past being faithful (not with him, others) and since I’m more in love/lust every day, I believe he’s “Mr. Right.” He says, “We don’t get along well enough to even think about marriage.” (But what if it DOES work out? Hm?)

What would you suggest to get the daily dose of blow jobs/sex I so love to give/receive?

I don’t like sharing with other women/men, but I’m down for essentially anything else.

Let me first address your last sentence and tell you that participating in threesomes or orgies is definitely not something you want to do with the person you want to marry. I’m glad you’re not willing to participate in something of such nature. I think more negative than positive can come out of something like that.

I also feel like you seem to be more in love with him than he is with you. The fact that he has clearly stated his true feelings by saying  “We don’t get along well enough to even think about marriage.” reveals that in fact thinking about marrying this person at this time is the wrong thing to do. Regardless of whether you feel it’s true or not the truth is that he’s not ready to marry you for whatever reason. I would strongly recommend not bringing up the subject of marriage for a while because you might cause him to drift apart even more. Instead just let him be ready and wait until he’s the one who brings it up. At the same time always make it clear that you expect marriage in the future so that later it doesn’t come as a surprise. I think by now he knows you expect marriage, so just stop for a while and when you do talk about it just mention it briefly and don’t just say thinks like “are we ever going to get married?”.

With that said, how do you get his attention and get what you want out of him?

You guys have been living together for quite some time now and I think it’s time to go back to the basics and use some of the traditional techniques to try to get him interested in you again. It’s not that hard, all you have to do is act and be sexy.

Yes, that’s it. You have to let him come to you and not just go to him when you want sex. Remember that men like to be the ones who pursuits a women, not the other way around. So your job is just to be sexy around the house. I recommend wearing sexy clothing you don’t typically wear. It will give him something new to see and at the same time will just turn him on and will make him crave you just as much as you crave him. It’s also a good idea to play a little “hard to get” game, that way he actually has to try to seduce you and feel like a “tiger”.

Things you might want to do are; wearing a sexy night gown when going to sleep and just pretend you’re wearing it to be comfortable, act like you’re going to sleep and just wait for him to make a move.

Also, when he’s watching TV around the house you might want to wear something sexy like tight shorts with a sports bra on and just walk in front of him while you do some of the duties around the house. At the same time try to get creative and do certain movements or positions in front of him that will just catch he’s eye and attention, he will immediately get turned on and approach you. Again, it’s important that you don’t just give in right away but rather give him a chance to make an attempt to turn you on as well, for this the use of the best aphrodisiacs could also help for both, and there are many of these product which work great and you can get from sites as my aphrodisiacs online and others.

There’s many other things you can do but this is where you have to get creative and think about what kind of things might work with your boyfriend. You are the one who knows him better than anyone else and I’m sure that after 4 years of being together you probably know what he really likes by now.

I hope this helps and let me know if things improve. For anyone else reading, please share with us some of you’re own techniques used to seduce your man. What has worked for you?

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