So here’s the thing. The past summer at my cousin i met a guy but i wasn’t interested in a relationship. We just kissed and cuddled enjoy our time without commitment,back then i was thinking that we’ll forget each other. After I’ve got home, he called me all day and told me how much he misses me and then he told me he loves me. After a short period of time I’ve started to be attached to him but I’ve keep telling myself that i am not that into him. As i’ve started to know him i’ve noticed that he has an aggressive behavior, he is rude and dishonest with me and he has a girlfriend and other “girlfriends” so he’s a player. At that moment i told myself to not take him seriously and i knew he wasn’t good for me but i’ve keep talking to him on the phone. After several months of this illusion of “love” he started calling me less frequently until he stopped contacting me at all. My big problem is that it’s been almost a year since we met for the first time and i still can’t forget him, i think of him everyday even if i try not to. I never called him, actually we talked only when he contacted me so i am definitely not a stalker. I thought if we brake any contact i ‘ll definitely forget him but it doesn’t work. I want to heal please help me, need some advice.

P.S. English is not my native language


Very simple… You need to go out as much as possible and meet other guys. Once you fall for a different guy, you won’t even think about the other one anymore. I hope that helps.


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