I recently reconnected with a male friend from college 20 yrs ago via linkedin. While never dated, we had a strong attraction to each other over those 4 yrs which did occasionally get physical. In his email back to me a month ago he told me to let him know if I was ever in phila. We could get together I wad there on business the past two days so i let him know 3 days in advance. He responded and asked me what time would be good I never heard from him the rest of the day I got an email from him at 11 pm saying he was sorry but the day got away from him. He asked if I would be around the next day so we could catch up I responded again with times and again never heard back. So my question is what message is he sending me? Why offer twice and not reply back to me? He could have apologized and left. It at that. Should I say anything to him or will that make it worse? We are both married with kids.


It’s very simple, he’s was obviously hiding it from his wife and was unable to even call you or let you know he wasn’t going to make it without her finding out about it. He will probably email you later, apologize and make up a lame excuse of why he couldn’t make it.

I’m guessing your husband doesn’t know about your attempt to meet with an old fling and you’re not going to mention it either…

As far as bringing it up? Why bother. He will make something up that sound legit, you’ll buy it and then next time you’re in Philadelphia you will try to hook up with him again. Trust me, he wanted to hook up with you for sure…


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